Rare CS:GO Easter Egg That Has Only 1% Chance of Being Found

Rare CS:GO Easter Egg That Has Only 1% Chance of Being Found

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • Check out one of the rarest and most fascinating Easter eggs in CS:GO.
  • The 'Counter-Strike 1.1 Game Menu' Easter Egg can be found on Inferno but only if you are lucky as it has a "1 in 83" chance of occurring during a match.
  • This Easter egg signifies the birth of Inferno which was initially added in the 1.1 version of the game.

Counter-Strike has been around for ages and is still going strong as new users keep discovering the game each year. As the love for the game continues to grow, it is important to share with the users some interesting things about CS:GO that they may not know about, before all of it fades away below a stack of new features which Valve keeps introducing every few months.

So, lets take a look at one of the most interesting Easter eggs in the game that has a really low chance of being witnessed by the users naturally. This particular hidden Easter egg can be found on Inferno around the ‘T Apps’ area and the way it has been designed by Valve is quite fascinating.

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Rare CS:GO Easter Egg On Inferno

There is a small room in the ‘T Apps’ area on Inferno which is inaccessible for the players, but through its slightly open door one can easily see a computer placed inside the room on top of a table. Most of the time this computer just sits there idle with a blank screen, but occasionally its screen lights up showing the main game menu of Counter-Strike 1.1 (CS 1.1).

This Easter egg on Inferno is probably the rarest occurring one in CS:GO and was added to the map when it was originally released for the new version of the game. It has just a 1% chance of occurring during any given game on Inferno, according to calculations done by ‘3kliksphilip’ in July 2018.

Rare CS:GO Easter Egg That Has Only 1% Chance of Being Found

No one initially knew ‘how’ or ‘when’ this Easter egg occurred and after many failed attempts by multiple users to figure out an answer to these questions ‘u/vani11apudding’ came forward with a sound explanation. According to the user, the occurrence of the Easter egg is a random chance event which might take place within the first 2 seconds of a each round. 

So if the screen does not show up within the first two seconds, than it will not turn on that entire round. This process will keep repeating every single round and as per calculations done by 3kliksphilip’s the chances of the screen turning on during a match is “1 in 83” which rounds up to about a 1% chance each match.

Rare CS:GO Easter Egg That Has Only 1% Chance of Being Found

Once this event occurs, the CS 1.1 game menu will be continuously displayed on the screen in all remaining rounds unless the computer is physically shot by the player, upon which the whole cycle starts again. This is hands down one of the most fascinating Easter eggs in CS:GO and it signifies the birth of the map Inferno which was first featured in Counter-Strike 1.1.

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