CS:GO Pro Olofmeister Lookalike Agent Features in CoD Warzone

CS:GO Pro Olofmeister Lookalike Agent Features in CoD Warzone

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • Call of Duty features operator called 'John Baker' who looks similar to CS:GO pro Olofmeister.
  • The operator is a playable character in both CoD: Black Ops Cold War and CoD: Warzone.
  • Olofmeister has already been immortalized in CS:GO on two occasions, both on Overpass.

Counter-Strike recently expanded its set of in-game cosmetics with Valve adding new in-game character models with its last operation ‘Shattered Web’. This collection only grew with ‘Broken Fang’ as a new set of agents were added to the game, but contrary to the community’s expectation none of them resembled any professional player from the past or present.

However, Call of Duty seems to have taken inspiration from the Swedish CS:GO legend Olof "olofmeister" Kajbjer Gustafsson, as one of their operators called ‘John Baker’ who is featured in both, CoD: Black Ops Cold War and CoD: Warzone, seems to be almost identical to the 28-year-old rifler.

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CS:GO Pro Olofmeister In CoD Games?

Olofmeister is a legendary professional CS:GO player who is a two-time Major winner. The 28-year-old veteran is towards the end of his career, currently signed by FaZe Clan as a temporary player until they find a permanent fifth to complete their lineup.

The Swede has already managed to immortalize himself in CS:GO not once but twice. 

  • The first in the form of a graffiti on ‘B-Site’ of Overpass, which was awarded to him for a clutch defuse while burning on top of the Molotov against Team Dignitas to give his team a ‘15-14’ lead.
  • The second was in the form of a signboard added by Valve on Overpass in 2014 near the infamous ‘Olof Boost’ spot, which is one of the most controversial incidents to take place during DreamHack Winter 2014 against LDLC.

Now it seems that Olofmeister’s influence has transcended the game to inspire one of Call of Duty operators called ‘John Baker’ who looks very similar to the Swedish rifler. He features in two of the franchises recent titles, CoD: Black Ops Cold War and CoD: Warzone.

CS:GO Pro Olofmeister Lookalike Agent Features in CoD Warzone

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Baker is a playable operator for the NATO faction available in the Multiplayer and Zombies game mode for the two games he is available in and seems to be almost identical to Olofmeister, both in looks and overall character build. 

He has an identical hairstyle, beard, and other facial features to Olofmeister which has sent a buzz through the CS:GO community. Baker can be equipped with a lot of different skins which can be unlocked by the player after completing various prerequisites.

CS:GO Pro Olofmeister Lookalike Agent Features in CoD Warzone

The community has expressed a desire to see such skins being added to CS:GO by Valve along with future operations, let’s see if we get to see one in the future!

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