CS:GO User Finds an Insane Two Man Boost on Overpass


CS:GO User Finds an Insane Two Man Boost on Overpass

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • CS:GO user discovers an insane two man boost on Overpass.
  • This is actually a pixel boost which allows players to peek Mid, Party, and Fountain, from Playground.
  • The user has explained in great detail how to replicate the pixel boost, which can be found below.

Despite CS:GO being around for almost a decade users still come up with some creative way to play around with the enemy. This time a CS:GO user has discovered a unique two man boost on Overpass, it might not be a legit boost in the competitive circuit but casual users can go ahead and abuse this pixel boost to catch the enemies off-guard.

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CS:GO User Discovers Unique Two Man Boost On Overpass

This two man pixel boost was discovered by ‘u/YourGenericName’, who showcased the entire procedure in great detail so other CS:GO players could also replicate the same and gain a few easy kills on unsuspecting enemies, while also hopefully gaining a new rank.

The boost takes place on ‘Playground’ near the second flower designed wall as one player first normally jumps on top of the other player. This is followed by the player below executing the following set of commands in this exact order, ‘D’ and then ‘W+A+Shift+Space’ together, while the player on top jumps normally.

If everything happens successfully then the player below will be standing on an invisible pixel (extremely thin geometry, typically invisible or where the rest of it is behind a clip brush), while the one above will get full vision from over the fence of ‘Mid’, ‘Party’, and ‘Fountain’.

This is quite a powerful boost which can be used to cut off rotations or just hold the position while saving to catch the enemy players that push out off-guard. Some interesting utility lineups can also be structured from this particular position, to add on to the usage of this boost as one player just stands passive below the boosted player.

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Members of the CS:GO community were quite impressed with this pixel boost discovery and went about discussing other such rare bugs that exist on Overpass. ‘u/YourGeneric Name’ went on to reveal that with enough practice duplicating this boost in an actual match was not too difficult.

CS:GO players can now memorize another new and awkward angle to check on Overpass whenever rotating from ‘Mid’ or crossing the ‘Fountain’ area while hunting down the last two players.

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