Beta Version of Legendary Map Tuscan Revealed For CS:GO


Beta Version of Legendary Map Tuscan Revealed For CS:GO

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • The beta version of Tuscan for CS:GO has been finally revealed by the map creators.
  • The map overall looks bright and really clean, very different from any of the official CS:GO maps out there.
  • This CS:GO version of Tuscan is being considered as the official remake because the creator of the original 1.6 map is a part of this project.

The CS 1.6 map Tuscan was one of the most played maps of its time. It was particularly known for being a well-balanced map which worked really well for the competitive circuit. Unfortunately, the map never made an appearance in CS:GO as an official map which means that it has been out of service since August 2012. 

Rumours about Tuscan being remade for CS:GO started sometime in 2019 but the first pictures of the map only came out last year in late July. Now six months later, the beta version of the map is being revealed via a trailer which gives us a good idea of how the map is going to look.

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Tuscan Beta Version For CS:GO Revealed

The first look of Tuscan’s CS:GO version which is currently in beta was revealed yesterday by the map creators themselves. In the video, a glimpse of the overall map layout was shown which is similar to the CS 1.6 version.

This is followed by a walkthrough of the entire map with a notice that the project is still a “Work in progress” and that “Everything is subject to change”. Right from the very first look at the map one can notice that this remake of the legendary Tuscan is very different in aesthetics than any other official CS:GO map out there.

Many from the CS:GO community also pointed this out by saying that it is very similar in looks to actually be a “Team Fortress 2” or a “Valorant” map. The environment looks bright and a bit too clean which might actually help spot enemies out quite clearly, even the colours used are plain and will help the CS:GO models stand out instead of helping them blend in with them.

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This is being considered as the official remake of Tuscan for CS:GO because the creator of the original 1.6 map Colin ‘brute’ Volrath is himself working on this project along with Catfood. While brute seems to be handling the layout, Catfood and Guitars are doing the environment art.

Towards the end of the video, an announcement states that Tuscan for CS:GO will be available soon as a ‘config option’ to play in hubs and tournaments on FACEIT. However, no particular date has been announced for this so far.

The map creators are also looking for high tier and professional CS:GO players to participate in the early playtests as the closed beta is about to start soon. So interested players can reach out to the map creators and help them refine Tuscan even further before it officially releases to the CS:GO community.

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