Five Times Valve Accidentally Revealed Unreleased CS:GO Skins

Five Times Valve Accidentally Revealed Unreleased CS:GO Skins

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • Valve sometimes accidentally leaks a CS:GO weapon skin due to its own mistake.
  • If the community finds out about it the developers delay the release of that particular skin.
  • Here are five instances when Valve had accidentally revealed an unreleased weapon skin.

Members of the CS:GO community are notorious for snooping around a lot in a bid to find unreleased stuff related to the game. But sometimes Valve themselves accidentally reveal things like upcoming updates or unreleased weapon skins that the users are super quick to spot out.

Here are five times that Valve accidentally revealed unreleased weapon skins and the community pointed it out instantly, only for their release to be delayed to a later date sometime in the future.

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Shattered Web - Pink DDPAT Glock

During CS:GO’s last operation ‘Shattered Web’ the developers always had a unique image complementing each weekly mission. The ‘Week 7’ missions came out with an image where a T-sided character could be seen wielding an ‘AWP | Gungir’ in his hand, one of the newly released weapon skins along with the operation.

But there was another unknown pink coloured Glock skin which could be spotted in the image. Many assumed this to be an unreleased ‘Pink DDPAT’ skin which Valve had accidentally revealed along with their creative. Sadly the skin has not released so far and will probably be delayed by quite a bit before officially coming out.

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Shattered Web - Urban DDPAT XM1014

Another similar instance was noticed by the community when an image of a T-sided character holding an unreleased shotgun skin was spotted. Many believed this to be an ‘Urban DDPAT’ skin for the XM1014 shotgun and it very well could have been one because Valve changed the cover as soon as it realized its mistake.

Unreleased Urban DDPAT XM1014 Changed by ValveShattered Web - Mysterious DDPAT USP-S

Valve seemed to be on a roll with these weapon skin leaks during operation ‘Shattered Web’ as a third unreleased skin was spotted along with a new weekly mission creative. This time the skin spotted on the USP-S was wildly mysterious because that print of the ‘DDPAT’ does not even exist till now on any weapon, the CT-sided character could have been holding onto a whole new type of a ‘DDPAT’ print.

Even this image was abruptly replaced by Valve after the community members spotted out the never seen before weapon skin present in the image.

Broken Fang - Case Hardened M4A1-S

As part of the latest ‘Operation Broken Fang’ promotion, Valve had emailed all the players on their mailing list an advertisement highlighting some of the skins that would be released along with the operation. While everything looked fine and dandy, it turns out that Valve had made a huge mistake as they had accidentally included the ‘Case Hardened M4A1-S’ which was not part of the 100+ weapon skins released along with the operation.

Similar skins already exist for a lot of knives along with guns such as AK-47 and Five-Seven, so recreating it for the M4A1-S should not be too difficult and we might see the skin being released sometime in the future.

Valve Switched Default Knives When CS:GO Released

Going all the way back in time when CS:GO was in its Alpha stage the default knives being used were quite different from the ones that we currently have in-game. The T-sided characters used to have a ‘Flip Knife’ while CT-sided characters were given a ‘Bayonet Knife’, which for some reason were swapped out by the boring default knives that we see today.

On the other hand, Valve was able to shell out some really good profit by starting a whole new series of knives. So that move is commendable from a business standpoint but it still sucks when you find out that you could have had such amazing knives from the very start.

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