Top 10 Asian CS:GO Players of 2020

Top 10 Asian CS:GO Players of 2020

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • Here are the top ten Asian CS:GO players who were a cut above the rest.
  • In the absence of BnTeT an upcoming Chinese rifler has managed to secure the top spot.
  • Tell us your top ten Asian CS:GO players ranking in the comment section below.

2020 was a tough year for CS:GO globally which also affected the competitive scene in Asia. While facing a lot of challenges of its own due to the transition from LAN to Online tournaments, we witnessed the rise of regional tournaments as almost every major competition was split into smaller region specific events.

Chinese teams dominated most of the tier-one online tournaments that took place in Asia with both TYLOO and ViCi Gaming displaying top form through the year. The Mongolian roster of TIGER also played really well, as multiple other Mongolian teams rose to the top in the absence of Korean and Japanese teams. Teams from SEA also participated in a plethora of tournaments that took place through the course of 2020, but not a single team outright dominated the circuit.

With that being a quick wrap up of how competitive CS:GO fared within Asia this year, let’s take a look at some of the players that showcased top-notch skills and consistently performed well to earn a spot in our ‘Top 10 Asian CS:GO Players of 2020’.

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Top 10 Asian CS:GO Players of 2020

10. Patrick "Derek" Lacson

Top 10 Asian CS:GO Players of 2020

Derek is a Filipino professional CS:GO player who currently plays for Bren Esports. The 21 year old has had a fantastic season individually despite Bren not achieving the success that they would have hoped for.

The rifler achieved an overall rating of 1.10 with an impact rating of 1.15 which goes on to show how important a player he was for his side. He kept his rating above 1.0 in ten out of the thirteen tournaments that  he participated in which reflects a healthy consistency, if not the best. 

His performance of the season was witnessed during the second open qualifier of PAL Fall 2020 where he achieved a +40 K/D difference along with a rating of 1.52 across a total of four maps.

9. WeiJie “zhokiNg” Zhong

Top 10 Asian CS:GO Players of 2020

One of the senior players from the region, the 27-year-old Chinese entry fragger has continued to stay in shape despite the onslaught of young talent that has flooded the scene in recent years. With an overall rating of 1.10 while having an impact of 1.24, zhokiNg delivered for ViCi once again.

His performance did take a dip when compared to his average which goes on to show what a beast of a player he actually is. He maintained a rating of over 1.0 throughout the year only going negative once during Weibo Cup Asian Championship 2020.

8. Peeratch "Olivia" Ingkudanonda

Top 10 Asian CS:GO Players of 2020

One of the best CS:GO players from Thailand, Olivia once again proved to be a cut above the rest with a rating of 1.13 and a KPR of 0.76. He did drop down by three rankings when compared to the 2019 rankings but maintained his performance to feature once again.

Beyond Esports had a turbulent year as they kept qualifying for the playoffs stage of various tier-one and tier-two tournaments but could never manage to win one. This did impact Olivia’s performance at times, as he dropped four negative rating performances through the course of 2020.

7. Benedict “Benkai” Tan

Top 10 Asian CS:GO Players of 2020

The 24-year-old Paper Rex rifler played the 2020 season with two teams. In the first half of the year he played for a Singaporean team called Huat Zai while in the second half he competed with Paper Rex.

Individually he was on point through the season with his best performance of the year coming early on at Asia Minor SEA Open Qualifier 2 - ESL One Rio 2020 where he held an overall rating of 1.48 across 2 maps with a +22 K/D difference.

6. Tengis “sk0R” Batjargal

Top 10 Asian CS:GO Players of 2020

A young gun from Mongolia, the 18-year-old rifler who has been playing with D13 since more than a year has been really impressive this season of competitive CS:GO. With an ADR of 81.2 and a KPR of almost 0.8, sk0R is a beast in the server who has helped D13 secure multiple top-three finishes in 2020.

He has played around 27 regional tournaments this season and despite that has managed to secure an overall rating of 1.14. Under good guidance this young rifler has the potential to really be one of the best players in the region.

5. Erdenetsogt "erkaSt" Gantulga

Top 10 Asian CS:GO Players of 2020

The Mongolian rifler and in-game leader erkaSt is probably one of the most experienced CS:GO players within Asia. He has competed in multiple CS:GO Major tournaments in the past along with the Australian team of Grayhound Gaming.

This season he has played for three different organizations, starting the year with AUGUST, then moving on to TIGER, and finally ending it with NG Esports. He found great success with the Mongolian lineup of TIGER and despite being their IGL went on to perform like a beast on the server.

Having an impact of 1.18 along with an ADR of 82.8 and a KPR of 0.77 are certainly some rare stats for an IGL to possess, making him quite a sought after player as he delivers perfectly on both fronts.

4. Zhenghao “DANK1NG” Lv

Top 10 Asian CS:GO Players of 2020

The 21-year-old TYLOO AWPer gave stiff competition to Kaze from ViCi Gaming through the 2020 season. The two brawled it out hard in the grand finals of multiple tournaments this season and it was one of the high points of Asian CS:GO this year.

DANK1NG finished the season with a overall rating of 1.19 and a KPR of 0.78 which played a crucial role in TYLOO winning a total of 8 top-tier events this season. His personal best performance was observed during the Huya Pro League - Spring 2020 where he obtained a rating of 1.37 across 2 maps along with a +16 K/D difference.

3. Sike “Mitsuha” Zhang

Top 10 Asian CS:GO Players of 2020

The 18-year-old mitsuha who currently plays for Lynn Vision was the breakout player this season. He showcased a terrific form this year which surpassed a lot of big players in the region, as he obtained an outstanding ADR of 83.9 along with a KPR of 0.81.

The young Chinese player who is proficient with both an AWP and a rifle had an equal distribution between the two weapons. In just his second year since turning pro he has shown terrific results, turning out to be a special player for Lynn Vision with an impact rating of 1.34 and an overall rating of 1.22.

2. Andrew “Kaze” Khong

Top 10 Asian CS:GO Players of 2020

The 26-year-old Malaysian AWPer is officially the best in Asia as he once again takes the second spot in our rankings. With a rating of 1.21 and an impact of 1.17, Kaze has continued to dominate with the big green gun consistently putting up big numbers and helping ViCi Gaming achieve success in 2020.

Despite losing numerous grand finals to TYLOO, ViCi kept trying and finally took them down at IEM Beijing Asia 2020. One of the events where Kaze was on fire as he knocked down TYLOO map after map with the scoped rifle.

1. Yi “JamYoung” Yang

Top 10 Asian CS:GO Players of 2020

In the absence of Hansel "BnTeT'' Ferdinand, ViCi Gaming’s 19-year-old rifler JamYoung has taken the top spot on our rankings. He has been a beast this season who has grown a lot over the course of just one year.

Boasting an overall rating of 1.22 which features an ADR of 83.2 along with a KPR of 0.79, the Chinese rifler has been a big reason behind ViCi’s success this year. With an impact of 1.22 he has proved himself to be an explosive player who can constantly dish out high damage and carry the team forward when the going gets tough.

It will be interesting to see how he develops as a player in the coming season. If he continues to grow like this and put up similar performances in big LAN tournaments once they are back, he might grab some intention from international teams also.

These were the top 10 Asian CS:GO players of 2020. What do you think about our list? Who do you think should have made it in the top 10 according to you? Let us know in the comment section below.

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