CS:GO Ping System Introduces Massive Game-Breaking Bug

CS:GO Ping System Introduces Massive Game-Breaking Bug

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • New CS:GO ping system introduces a game breaking bug to the game.
  • This bug gives users information about the opponent through the in-game pings.
  • They get visual feedback of incoming enemies as soon as they pass from over their pings.

Valve released Operation Broken Fang a few weeks back and with it came a plethora of features and content that the community really seemed to enjoy. One of the new features introduced was the ‘Dynamic Ping System’ which the players can use to point out certain thing on the map to their allies. 

It seems that this ping feature might not have been optimized properly, bringing with it a game-breaking bug that was recently discovered by Na’Vi Junior player Ilya “m0NESY“ Osipov.

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CS:GO Ping Feature Introduces Game-Breaking Bug

The 15-year-old Na’Vi Junior player has highlighted a critical bug with the ping feature that enables players to use it like a wallhack. If a user pings somewhere on the map and an opponent walks from over it then that ping automatically shifts onto that opponent, hence revealing their position and giving a visual indication to the user.

From the video above it becomes clear how the ping feature can be used to track enemy from afar without actively peeking them and by holding safer angles. The visual feedback gives the user who had pinged a slight edge over their opponents as they prepare themselves and are able to react faster.

Further experiments by users have revealed that the ping can also travel along with objects, so if a CT-sided player pings a C4 and later a T-player picks it up then the ping travels along with the C4. Once again revealing the position of the opponent while also giving CT’s information that the C4 has been picked up.

CS:GO Ping System Introduces Massive Game-Breaking Bug

This is a major bug and Valve needs to really step-up and fix this as quickly as possible otherwise we might just have another ‘Spectator Bug Exploit’ kind of a scandal on our hands. No one knows for how long this bug has been out there and if anyone from the professional circuit has already used this exploit to gain an unfair advantage or not, without reporting it to the concerned authorities.

CS:GO Ping System Introduces Massive Game-Breaking Bug
Dynamic ping feature added by CS:GO

The Na’Vi Junior signed youngster m0NESY seems to be the first known personality from the professional circuit to report this critical bug. Many other users from the community have seen taken up the task of going through recent pro CS:GO matches to check if anyone had actually used this exploit or not.

Though there is a confusion among users if pings show up on a VoD or not, resolving this issue should be Valve’s highest priority and hopefully it gets fixed before the start of the 2021 circuit.

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