Heroic’s Public Apology Leaves The CS:GO Community Confused

Heroic’s Public Apology Leaves The CS:GO Community Confused

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • Heroic apologizes publicly which leaves the CS:GO community confused.
  • No one seems to know the proper context behind the apology as community starts speculating.
  • The apology doubles up as an announcement for a Chief Cultural Officer.

Danish esports organization Heroic recently apologized publicly to the CS:GO community and took full responsibility for their actions, but the only problem was no one exactly knew what they were apologizing about. 

The apology letter also seemed to be an announcement about Heroic hiring a Chief Cultural Officer whose job will be to develop “a firm basis of values and a culture” that will be named as ‘Being Heroic’.

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Heroic’s Apology Confuses The CS:GO Community

Heroic published quite a detailed apology statement yesterday which left everyone puzzled as no one exactly even knew what the mistake was. According to the statement, one or more players from Heroic during an official match “were heard using profanities consistent with views far away from our values.” However, this reasoning made no sense to anyone as everyone kept asking what the context behind the apology was.

The most speculated reasoning by the users was a recent clip where Heroic’s in-game leader (IGL) Casper “cadiaN” Moller could be seen celebrating in a very animated manner while shouting consistently. This is just a speculation and there is no way to prove if this indeed was the moment addressed by Heroic in their apology statement.

This apology also doubled up as an announcement about Heroic hiring Troels Robl as their Chief Cultural Officier whose responsibilities would include developing “a firm basis of values and culture” which will be called as ‘Being Heroic’.

These cultural guidelines will be followed by all members of the organization and will be showcased “regardless of the situation,” as Heroic wants “everyone to feel we are not only here to compete but to work for the greater good of our community and sport in everything we do.”

Heroic might have done the right thing from their perspective to come out in the open and apologise, but maybe they should have provided some context about the situation because nothing about it seems to be public information from before.

The CS:GO community quickly picked apart the ‘Being Heroic’ guidelines being planned by the organization, pointing out that Heroic had still kept Nicolai “HUNDEN” Petersen around despite him being caught in the ‘Spectator Coach Bug’ scandal and currently serving a 12-month ban period as issued by ESIC.

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