NiP Announces ‘Young Ninjas’, Hints Towards CS:GO Academy Team


NiP Announces ‘Young Ninjas’, Hints Towards CS:GO Academy Team

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • Ninjas in Pyjamas announces new CS:GO program called 'Young Ninjas'.
  • Just a few weeks after the announcement of 'Path of a Ninja', the program has been changed by NiP.
  • As a part of this initiative NiP plan on assembling a team and providing them with an Academy Team banner.

Swedish esports organization Ninjas in Pyjamas (NiP) has announced another CS:GO program called ‘Young Ninjas’. This comes just a few weeks after the organization had announced a talent development program called ‘Path of a Ninja’ with an objective to develop “future CS:GO players of Sweden”, the same program has now turned into ‘Young Ninjas’ with an objective “to support the underlying ecosystem and provide ways into a potential academy team in the future.”

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NiP Announces ‘Young Ninjas’

The objective of the ‘Young Ninjas’ program seems to be focused towards raising great talents to successfully compete in ‘Svenska Elitserien’, a local Swedish CS:GO tournament. 

On 4th December Ninjas in Pyjamas had decided that they would be inviting two or three talents after every season of ‘Svenska Elitserien’ to join their ‘Path of a Ninja’ program, providing them with “all the tools they need, both inside and outside the game, to lower the gap between grassroots and professional CS:GO.”

But now the same program has turned into the ‘Young Ninjas’ initiative through which NiP will themselves form a CS:GO team for “budding superstars to represent - a rock steady home to bloom”. NiP will provide them with an “Academy Team banner” so a wider pool of talents can play together under the same roof.

The first player under this program has also been announced by NiP as they acquire the services of 17-year-old Erik “ztr” Gustafsson from the Spanish CS:GO organization KPI. He has been playing CS:GO since the last six years and made a name for himself in the local scene last year while representing Prima eSports in ‘Svenska Elitserien’.

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NiP Talks About Potential CS:GO Academy Team

Though it seems like NiP has just upgraded its earlier program to a new one, the organization has actually also shifted its objectives and aim bound to the earlier initiative. The way NiP has molded this new program it feels as if the Swedish organization is ready to finally get a CS:GO Academy Team, really soon.

They have already stated that an Academy Team banner will be provided “for a wider pool of talents to play under”. So probably by the next season of ‘Svenska Elitserien’ we will likely see a complete ‘Young Ninjas’ lineup under the NiP Academy Team.

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