Pros Argue Which Game Requires More Aim: CS:GO, Valorant or Fortnite

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • TSM ZexRow states that Fortnite requires more aim skill than CS:GO and Valorant.
  • CS:GO and Valorant users, pros, and personalities slam ZexRow for his statements.
  • ZexRow makes a YouTube video on the topic to prove his statement.

The esports communities often clash when it comes to discussions about which game requires more skill, aim, tactics, and other such things. But it is a rare sight to see the pros come forward to prove a point, especially when players from two different titles combine forces against a third. 

This is exactly what happened yesterday when 20-year-old Fortnite player TSM ZexRow put out a statement saying that “Fortnite requires more aim than Valorant and CS:GO”. As expected there was a huge commotion on Twitter as players, pros, and personalities came forward with their opinions on the subject.

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TSM ZexRow Slams CS:GO And Valorant

Fortnite player and streamer ZexRow who is currently signed to the North American esports organization TSM came forward to put out a strong opinion publicly, stating that Fortnite requires more skill than CS:GO and Valorant, two of the best tactical first-person shooters in the world.

He expressed that it was beyond his understanding “how people can argue that” and to prove his point he even made a whole YouTube video on the topic titled “TSM ZexRow - Proving Why FN Aim takes more SKILL than VALORANT”.

Taking a separate dig at the CS:GO community he said that “No way CS players have this big of egos to think it isn’t 80% crosshair placement.” Putting across the point that both CS:GO and Valorant do not require a lot of aiming skill and that they depend on a more accurate crosshair placement to secure kills.

Valorant and CS:GO Community Reacts

Both the Valorant and CS:GO users were quick to dismiss ZexRow’s statement with most of them mocking Fortnite for being nothing more than a construction simulator with a low aiming skill requirement.

Some of the responses delivered to ZexRow by pros and personalities are as follows,

Evil Geniuses CS:GO rifler Ethan "Ethan" Arnold went on a tangent to say that ZexRow’s Tweet was proof that saying something stupid ensures a good amount of interaction on the platform, simply dismissing whatever the Fortnite player had to say.

Pros Argue Which Game Requires More Aim: CS:GO, Valorant or Fortnite

CS:GO talent Mohan "launders" Govindasamy took a more sensible approach by breaking down how aiming in Fortnite differs from CS:GO and Valorant.

Pros Argue Which Game Requires More Aim: CS:GO, Valorant or Fortnite

Nicholas "nitr0" Cannella did not even feel like responding with a statement as he went forward with a GIF which nicely sums up what other users also felt after reading that Tweet.

The argument eventually died down with no actual outcome and simply just a lot of banter and burn. It is tough to say which game involves more skills be it the game mechanics, aim, or any of those things as Fortnite is a Battle Royale which is meant to be played in a completely different way when compared to CS:GO and Valorant.

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