S1mple Explains Why ZywOo is The Best AWPer in CS:GO

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S1mple Explains Why ZywOo is The Best AWPer in CS:GO
  • S1mple names ZywOo as the best AWPer in CS:GO.
  • He gives multiple reasons as to why ZywOo is currently the best AWPer in the world.
  • ZywOo recently extended his contract with Vitality till end of 2024.

What could be more fulfilling for Mathieu "ZywOo" Herbaut than one of the best CS:GO players in the world Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev explaining why he feels that ZywOo is the best AWPer in the world.

In a recent interview segment with ESL during the recently concluded IEM Global Challenge 2020 when s1mple was asked the question “Who is the best AWPer in CS:GO?” without any hesitation, the Ukrainian took ZywOo’s name giving a sound explanation to justify his answer.

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S1mple Explains What Makes ZywOo The Best AWPer In CS:GO

ZywOo is the name that seems to be on everyone’s lips and in front of their eyes as well after Paris lit up with holograms yesterday following the announcement of his contract extension with Vitality. But this was not the only reason for celebration as his AWPing skills were also appreciated by none other than the god of Counter-Strike himself, s1mple.

S1mple Explains Why ZywOo is The Best AWPer in CS:GO

While justifying why ZywOo is the best AWPer in CS:GO, s1mple says that “First of all he is a great player and he knows how to play with the AWP. He plays very smartly, constantly changing his position, and he knows how his enemies play against him. He can play aggressive if his team needs and he can play passive as well. So, I would pick him.”

Basically what s1mple meant to say was ZywOo can do everything possible with an AWP and excels at all the departments associated with using the weapon to its full potential. This is massive for ZywOo who is on his way to possibly becoming the best player of the year for the second time in a row, his only competition being s1mple himself.

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ZywOo has been a key player for Vitality throughout the 2020 season and despite the team facing a few issues during the start, they worked hard and rectified the errors. Bouncing back in the second half to show brilliant consistency and even winning two CS:GO tournaments in a row; IEM Beijing 2020 and BLAST Premier: Fall 2020.

S1mple Explains Why ZywOo is The Best AWPer in CS:GO

With his contract being extended further till the end of 2024, it has gone on to show the trust that ZywOo and Vitality share with each other and how vital the 20-year-old is for the success of their CS:GO lineup.

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