Rapper Freestyles to n0thing’s CS:GO Gameplay on Twitch

Rapper Freestyles to n0thing’s CS:GO Gameplay on Twitch

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • Legendary freestyle rapper Harry Mack invites CS:GO pro n0thing for a Twitch interview.
  • Harry Mack casts a live game of CS:GO by freestyle rapping on it.
  • North American CS:GO pro n0thing also drops a few freestyle bars of his own.

One of the best freestyle rappers in the world Harry Mack recently caught up with North American CS:GO player Jordan "n0thing" Gilbert on Twitch. The two of them spoke for a little while before dropping some bars and it was absolutely incredible. Gilbert freestyled for a bit before Mack started rap casting a live CS:GO gameplay, it was truly a one of a kind experience!

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CS:GO Pro n0thing Freestyle Raps

Harry Mack is one of the best freestyle rappers in the world. He hosts an informal interview sort of a show called ‘Happy Hour with Harry Mack’ on his Twitch channel ‘harrymackofficial’ and one of the most recent episodes featured currently in-active CS:GO player n0thing as a guest.

During the show, n0thing revealed that he himself used to freestyle for a while and his skills were soon put to test. He was obviously not outstandingly brilliant but he did do a pretty decent job overall, coming up with some quick rhymes without stuttering or breaking for pauses while flowing through fairly well.

Harry Mack Casts Live CS:GO Gameplay Through Rap

This was followed up by something that blew my mind as Harry Mack started casting live CS:GO gameplay by freestyle rapping on it. He described what was going on in the game on the go, dishing out some incredible bars with a tight flow which he kept on switching every now and then.

It was one of kind experience and truly refreshing. The chat which was mostly a gaming crowd really enjoyed this version of casting a CS:GO game with many even discussing how fantastic this would be in an actual live tournament for like a round or two.

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Harry Mack is a legendary name within the rapping community and is considered to be one of the best in the business. It was great seeing him freestyle rap on some CS:GO gameplay while also getting in touch with a professional Counter-Strike player, who in his own field is a legend for the North American region.

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