Weird CS:GO Bug Prevents Completion of Broken Fang Weekly Mission

Weird CS:GO Bug Prevents Completion of Broken Fang Weekly Mission

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • Weird bug on operation Broken Fang week 3 mission 'Keep Your Distance' goes viral.
  • CS:GO community try to come up with a possible solution for this problem.

A really weird bug has been spotted in one of the operation ‘Broken Fang’ week 3 mission called ‘Keep Your Distance’. In the mission, the users are required to earn stars by taking kills from a range of 15 meters or more with a sniper rifle while playing a Deathmatch on Defusal Group Delta.

But something really weird is happening with the following mission that has confused the entire CS:GO community. Due to a bug affecting this week 3 mission, a few kills below the 15-meter range are getting counted towards the objective while a few which are well over the required mark are getting denied. This has sparked off quite the debate within the community members as everyone tries to reason what might be causing this.

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CS:GO Operation Broken Fang: Week 3 Mission Bug

Two CS:GO users (u/roboactiver, u/terminalhailstorm) submitted a screenshot of their progress from the ‘Week 3 Mission - Keep Your Distance’. These screenshots have brought the spotlight on a bizarre bug that has left the entire CS:GO community utterly confused.

The above mentioned weekly mission requires a user to kill an enemy with a sniper rifle from a distance of 15 meters or more, but yet a few users with a distance of 14.99 meters have successfully managed to register kills towards this mission’s objective.

Weird CS:GO Bug Prevents Completion of Broken Fang Weekly Mission

On the other hand, a few other users with 15.02 meters on the board have failed to register their kill and this has bamboozled the community members who have discussed at length the reason behind this error.

Weird CS:GO Bug Prevents Completion of Broken Fang Weekly Mission

A few users were off the opinion that the bug could be caused due to the different ways in which the distance was calculated on the server-side and the client-side. They were of the opinion that the server took into account the height of the players while calculating the distance, whereas the client simply considered the position of the two players, hence resulting in a mismatch.

There were other ideas like distance being calculated in a horizontal line on the backend while the numbers being presented to the user on the frontend took into account the slant distance, and some simply saying that the difference in the calculation was due to latency.

Whatever the reasoning might be for now users are submitting some ridiculous screenshots and it feels that instead of completing the mission users are now just trying to check what is the farthest shot they can take and still get rejected or vice-versa!

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