[Watch] S1mple Styles on FURIA With a Double Knife Kill on Nuke

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • S1mple styles on FURIA by taking a double knife kill on Nuke.
  • Despite being one round down s1mple pulled of this cheeky move on the second pistol round.
  • Na'Vi won the match against FURIA '2-0' with s1mple leading the charge for Na'Vi.

When it comes to styling on opponents there is no one better than Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev for the job. He is just fearless, consistently going for such flashy plays even in a professional match no matter who the opposition is. S1mple was in solid form against FURIA yesterday at the IEM Global Challenge 2020 and the double knife kill was a stamp of approval from his side that he was just enjoying the match thoroughly.

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S1mple Styles On Furia: Two Consecutive Knife Kills

Na’Vi might not be at the very top of CS:GO but the Ukrainian organization is playing pretty consistently, currently experimenting with a six-man roster as the 17-year-old Valerii “B1T” Vakhovskyi has been spotted playing with the main roster in recent tournaments.

Playing their first match against FURIA yesterday their star player s1mple was in top form as he carried the team on both the maps, Inferno and Nuke. By the second map, the 23-year-old Ukrainian was really feeling himself as he planned a cheeky move that would really be an embarrassment for FURIA.

In the second pistol round on Nuke, Na’Vi was down by one round but this did not hinder s1mple from styling on the opponents as he sneaked his way into ‘Squeaky’ with a knife in his hand patiently waiting for FURIA to drop down from the ‘Vents’. The move paid off big time as s1mple got not one but two knife kills which won Na’Vi the round along with a few style points for the Ukrainian.

The map came to an end with Na’Vi defeating FURIA ‘16-13’ as they won the series ‘2-0’ taking the top spot in ‘Group-B’ as they await their opponents, who will be the winners of the match between Team Liquid and Heroic.

[Watch] S1mple Styles on FURIA With a Double Knife Kill on Nuke

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