CS:GO Operation Broken Fang: How to Complete Week 3 Missions

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • CS:GO Operation Broken Fang - Week 3 Missions are live starting from 16 December.
  • This week a maximum of 11 stars can be obtained by users.
  • Four new weekly missions have arrived heavily focused on range weaponry.

The third week of operation Broken Fang kick-started today on 16th December with a whole new set of weekly missions. This week the focus is on ranged weapons so users will be required to play with a Scout, an AWP, or any of the semi-automatic sniper rifles.

With the battle pass well into its third-week, users especially the early grinders will be once again starting their hunt for 11 more stars that are up for grab this week. The ‘Rangefinder’ missions are set across four different game modes which means that the users will have to complete each one of them individually and will not be able to stack any of them. 

So users who are not too good with scoped weaponry better get started early because three out of the four missions will require exceptional skill at hunting down enemies from afar. Here are all the ‘Week 3 Missions’ that users will need to complete in order to unlock everything from the in-game shop, while also upgrading their ‘Operation Broken Fang Coin’ all the way up to the ‘Diamond’ category!

CS:GO Operation Broken Fang: How to Complete Week 3 Missions

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CS:GO Operation Broken Fang: All Week 3 Missions

Dangerous At Any Range - Win rounds in Competitive: Ancient. 

  • 7 rounds: 1 star 
  • 15 rounds: 2 stars 
  • 20 rounds: 3 stars 

Through The Looking Glass - Get 20 kills with any sniper rifle in Guardian: Train. 

  • 2 stars

Keep Your Distance - Get kills at a range of 15 meters or more in Deathmatch: Defusal Group Delta. 

  • 10 kills: 1 star 
  • 20 kills: 2 stars 
  • 40 kills: 3 stars 

Scope The Competition - Get kills with any sniper rifle in Arms Race. 

  • 3 kills: 1 star 
  • 6 kills: 2 stars 
  • 10 kills: 3 stars

Completing all the mission with the highest star objective will give users a maximum of 11 stars. This is actually quite low when compared to the previous two weeks; Week 1 granting 19 stars and Week 2 offering 14 stars.

CS:GO Operation Broken Fang: How to Complete Week 3 Missions

But users should not be worried as only 10 stars per week count towards the up-gradation of the ‘Operation Broken Fang Coin’. With the battle pass set to go on for a total duration of 16 weeks, users can still start grinding towards the coveted ‘Diamond’ coin.

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For those who have missed out on the weekly missions from the last two weeks need not worry as those missions can still be completed and information on it can be found right here. The ‘Week 3 Missions - Rangefinder’ are set to take palace from 16th - 22nd December after which a set of new missions will arrive on the 24th December; ‘Week 4 Mission - Full-Time Job’.

Though there is still time for the ‘Week 4 Missions’ to arrive we have got our hands on some leaked information and users who are already done with the current CS:GO missions can check them out in advance!

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