Allu Talks About Aleksib’s Kick, Sergej’s Motivation Issues


Allu Talks About Aleksib’s Kick, Sergej’s Motivation Issues

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • Allu finally talks about the decision of kicking Aleksib from ENCE.
  • Allu also talks about Sergej's motivation problem which leads to a bit of controversy.
  • Multiple current and former ENCE players slam allu for his statements.

ENCE has not been the same ever since they kicked Aleksi “Aleksib” Virolainen in August 2019. The Finnish organization has since gone through multiple roster shuffles but have failed to replicate the success they attained in the first half of 2019. In a recent interview with HLTV, Aleksi "allu" Jalli opened up about the highly criticised move of kicking Aleksib and his thoughts on sergej leaving the roster.

It was not a one-way talk though as various current and former members of the Finnish lineup slammed allu for his opinions, putting forth their own thoughts on what allu had to say about them.

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Allu Finally Talks About Aleksib’s Kick

One of the most controversial roster moves in the last few years has to be ENCE kicking Aleksib and replacing him with Miikka “suNny” Kemppi. The announcement which was made in August 2019 had caught the community by surprise as everyone had just one question in their mind ‘Why?’. 

As predicted by almost everyone, the move turned out to be ENCE’s downfall from which the organization has failed to recover so far. Talking about the fateful decision allu said that “Inside the team, the feeling was that there needed to be some sort of change. Now, looking back from there, that point when we removed Aleksib to here, we can say that we removed the wrong player."

ENCE who at one point was a top-five team in the world currently lies outside the top-thirty and a lot of their success is credited to how Aleksib held the team together both outside and inside the server, acknowledging this allu said that “Maybe in a way we didn’t maybe appreciate how much Aleksib actually brought to the team. Maybe this point was overlooked a lot while making this change and then bit by bit everything started to fall apart.”

Allu while accepting that he was a part of the decision to remove Aleksib clarified that “It was not only me. I’m not a dictator who decides everything how it needs to be.”

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Allu On Sergej’s Motivation Problems

In another part of the interview, allu spoke about sergej who recently took a decision to leave ENCE in order to take up the compulsory military service in Finland. Allu spoke about sergej’s lack of motivation stating that he had taken a one-month break in Spring to find new motivation but it did not work out, he still continued to play with ENCE for six more months before walking away.

“He is a young guys as well and usually people don’t have that kind of spark in them but he did, I am really proud of that. Like about the army thing he is honestly, genuinely excited about going to the army.”

Somehow this seemed to have irked off sergej who took to Twitter calling out allu and saying that he would not take what was being said by him for granted, “He isn’t as simple and harmless persona as it may look. There is a reason he is the only one left in the team from the original roster.”

Sergej followed up with another Tweet where he revealed that he would not talk more on the topic as it was related to “mental health” while promising that his “Old teammates can back up my Tweet though.”

Allu Talks About Aleksib’s Kick, Sergej’s Motivation Issues
Sergej asking for a bit of supportHe certainly received the support with suNny also tweeting a bunch of things, Aleksib responding with "Kiitos" which translates to “Thank You”, and xseveN retweeting everything.
Allu Talks About Aleksib’s Kick, Sergej’s Motivation Issues

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