CS:GO Modder Converts Negev Into a Flamethrower

CS:GO Modder Converts Negev Into a Flamethrower

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • CS:GO Modder creates an incredible flamethrower version of the Negev called 'Flamegev'.
  • The main body of the weapon is still that of the Negev with a Molotov at the muzzle.
  • This mod can be enjoyed by other players as well in private servers.

Imagine if the gun that goes ‘brrrrrrr’ in CS:GO suddenly started spewing fire out of it! Well, experienced CS:GO Modder who goes by the name of ‘AREZ’ might be able to turn that into a reality for all those interested. His most recent creation seems to be inspired by Elon Musk’s ‘The Boring Company’ as he converts the Negev into a fully functioning flamethrower called ‘Flamegev’. Now we can literally give his opponents a sick burn!

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CS:GO Modder Turns Negev Turned Into A Flamethrower

A popular CS:GO Modder ‘AREZ’ recently created a fantastic looking flamethrower in CS:GO. The custom weapon is actually nothing more than an incredible mod which has been made by converting the laser-accurate Negev into a flame-throwing beast. 

The moded weapon still has the main body of the original Negev but the muzzle (front part) of the heavy machine gun has been converted to make it look more like a flamethrower by covering it with a Molotov (T-sided). This is noticeable both while playing with the weapon and even in the buy menu, where the ‘Flamegev’ can be seen in place of the Negev. 

It seems a bit weird that the flamethrower is still held the same way by the in-game character as they would hold the Negev but apart from that everything else from the fire it spits to the sound it creates is simply fantastic. The recoil action of the original weapon adds on to the beauty of the flamethrower and the flames just do not simply disappear but keep burning for a while, slowly fizzling out over time like that of a Molotov.

Ignore the fact that the flamethrower needs to be reloaded with the original magazine of the Negev instead of a more flammable substance like gasoline and the mod is actually really good.

One can point out a lot of other issues like no one will take any damage if they walk over the burning flames of the flamethrower or the fact that the sound upon being hit with the flamethrower is still that of the Negev, but those things can be taken care off later if the Modder feels like changing them.

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