New Version of CS:GO Coach Bug Reported by Multiple Users

New Version of CS:GO Coach Bug Reported by Multiple Users

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • New version of the CS:GO coach spectator bug identified by multiple users.
  • This new bug seem to be related to the 'Dynamic Ping System' recently added to CS:GO.
  • PACT's CS:GO coach VinS is the first to have reported about this bug publicly.

The original ‘Coach Spectator Bug’ that had hit the competitive CS:GO scene hard a few months back is currently being investigated by ESIC (Esports Integrity Commission). While the problems related with the previous exploit have not been resolved yet it seems another version of the bug has surfaced in-game, connected with the new ‘Dynamic Ping System’ added to the game along with CS:GO’s latest operation ‘Broken Fang’.

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CS:GO Coach Bug: New Version Reported

The new coach spectator bug is allegedly connected to the ping system added which was added to the game along with the latest CS:GO operation ‘Broken Fang’. Polish esports organization PACT’s CS:GO coach Vincent “VinS” Jozefiak was the first one to report about this issue as he published a public statement yesterday.

According to him, the new bug allows the coach of the other team to observe enemy pings. He apparently observed this first hand in a recent match played between PACT and Alternate aTTaX where he was able to see the opposition’s pings.

“At the start, I was thinking it’s our pings and somebody (was) just trolling (me) but after the match, my teammates just told me they didn’t ping in this match at all then I understood.”

VinS further clarified that he did not intend to cheat in the game and that he did not use any information that came his way through those pings. It was only after the match that he realized what was happening so he decided to report about the bug immediately.

New Version of CS:GO Coach Bug Reported by Multiple Users

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Another CS:GO coach Robert “mSr” Pienkowski who currently works with the Polish lineup of HONORIS also backed up the above claim as he also seemed to have faced something similar.

New Version of CS:GO Coach Bug Reported by Multiple Users

A lot of discussions ensued this claim with someone from ESIC also reaching out to the coach to verify the claim and in order to quickly take action on the situation. Hopefully, this exploit will not blow up like last time and Valve will be able to fix it without any major delays.

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