Thorin Says That S1mple is Far Ahead of ZywOo in CS:GO

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Thorin Says That S1mple is Far Ahead of ZywOo in CS:GO


  • Thorin gives his opinion on who the better player is between s1mple and ZywOo.
  • He thinks that s1mple is far ahead of every other CS:GO player including ZywOo.
  • Thorin feels that maybe in a few years time ZywOo will be able to put up a fair fight.

Natus Vincere might have lost a really tight series against Vitality yesterday but despite dropping down to the lower bracket of BLAST Premier: Fall 2020 Thorin believes that s1mple is “far ahead of every other player”. He went on to compare him to the talented French AWPer ZywOo and justified why he was still a few years away to put up a “fair fight” against s1mple.

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Thorin Thinks S1mple Is Far Ahead Of ZywOo

Esports journalist and talent Duncan "Thorin" Shields gave a pretty good breakdown on his opinion that s1mple is better than ZywOo, giving a pretty definitive answer to a question that is probably the most asked by the CS:GO community whenever the two go up against each other.

Thorin Says That S1mple is Far Ahead of ZywOo in CS:GO

Thorin straight up said that if s1mple was to replace ZywOo on Vitality, the French team would never lose a series “That is how far ahead of every other player he (S1mple) is right now.” He followed up on this statement by describing why the Ukrainian was so great.

Thorin explained that while other great players have a specific role or spot that they usually are good at playing, s1mple is beyond that because he plays the entire map really well. The reason behind it being that s1mple has played in multiple “flawed teams” over the course of his career so far.

“We're at a point where some maps he is playing 3-4 spots per CT side if necessary.  He has transcended Counter-Strike.”

To conclude his reasoning Thorin goes on to say that while ZywOo can “hit a target almost nobody else can,” s1mple is still much better than him as he can “hit a target nobody else even knew existed.” As a compliment to ZywOo, Thorin said that maybe in a few years time after the French AWPer has gained more experience maybe “it can be a fair fight”.

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Though Thorin’s opinion is not the ultimate verdict to resolve this query that the entire CS:GO community seems to be divided upon, the raw stats seem to be in favour of s1mple as well.

Thorin Says That S1mple is Far Ahead of ZywOo in CS:GO

According to the HLTV stats of the two players in 2020, s1mple has the edge when it comes to KPR (Kills Per Round), Impact, AWP kills per round, and Headshot accuracy, while ZywOo takes the lead in KAST percentage (Kill Assist Survive Trade), Opening kills per round, and Flash assists per round.

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