Slasher Reveals Why Valve is The Biggest Problem For CS:GO

Slasher Reveals Why Valve is The Biggest Problem For CS:GO

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • Slasher criticises Valve over the way it treats CS:GO's competitive scene.
  • He states that "The #1 problem for CS esports is Valve. Always Valve.”
  • Slasher goes on to say that Valve not only failed CS:GO but Dota 2 as well.

The CS:GO community has heavily criticised Valve in the last few days following a Twitch broadcast by prominent esports journalist Richard Lewis. The live stream which also featured veteran esports journalist Rod “Slasher” Breslau pointed out a lot of mistakes committed by the developers that are adversely affecting the current CS:GO competitive scene.

A day after the broadcast Slasher took to Twitter, once again highlighting the problems that the competitive CS:GO scene is currently facing as he stated that “The #1 problem for CS esports is Valve. Always Valve.”

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Slasher Criticises Valve For Being The Biggest Problem For CS:GO

Slasher in a recent Twitter thread pointed out how Valve was the main problem behind competitive CS:GO suffering so much. He said that the current professional Counter-Strike scene was being ignored by Valve while there certain issues like “cheating, match-fixing, the CSPPA, ESIC, TOs vs TOs, talent treatment, etc (that) need to be addressed.” Blaming everything over “Valve’s inaction and indifference,” Slasher straight up said that “Valve’s treatment of (CS:GO) esports is shameful.”

Talking about why this was so he turned towards Valve’s internal company structure stating that it has always been “Intentionally entirely incompatible with esports.” He proved this by shining a light on how Valve had managed to fail not just CS:GO but Dota 2 as well, two of the “top esports in the world (and biggest games on Steam)”.

Having pointed out all that was wrong with the way Valve was barely handling two of the biggest esport titles in the world, he concluded by saying that CS:GO teams instead of fighting over voice comms should instead unify together along with the coaches, team owners, leagues, casters, CSPPA, and ESIC “for a worthy cause in the future of CS esports - making Valve give a shit.”

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It is a well-known fact that Valve likes to take a backseat when anything related to CS:GO and Dota 2’s competitive scene comes up. They always take their sweet time trying to come up with a solution or a statement regarding the query put up by the community, any problem that the competitive scene might be facing, or other such issues.

The recent Twitch broadcast surfaced many problems that were affecting the CS:GO competitive scene and unfortunately, all these issues come at a time when another serious competitor to the game is on the rise!

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