S1mple Calls Out CSPPA - “They still seem shady to me”

S1mple Calls Out CSPPA - “They still seem shady to me”

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • CSPPA is currently facing heavy backlash from the CS:GO community.
  • S1mple also criticised CSPPA in a recent stream of his.
  • He described CSPPA as “literally useless” and “shady” while calling them out.

CSPPA had recently put out a statement where they had claimed that BLAST was misusing voice and video recordings of CS:GO players participating in their tournaments and were refusing to hold talks to resolve this matter. A day later fourteen CS:GO teams like EG, Na’Vi, Liquid, G2, Astralis, and more had put out a statement from their side stating that the matter had already been resolved by BLAST in November itself.

Following this revelation coupled with many other instances from the past, CSPPA suffered a huge backlash from the CS:GO community with many prominent players and personalities also raising their voice. One of the best players in the world Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev also criticised CSPPA in a recent stream calling them “literally useless” and “shady”.

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S1mple Criticises CSPPA

Natus Vincere’s star player s1mple recently criticised CSPPA who is already under fire by the rest of the CS:GO community as well. The Ukrainian called them out during a Twitch stream stating that “CSPPA is literally useless. I don’t understand how they can handle some cases when they didn’t even communicate with me and my team.”

He further explained how Na’Vi had been asked to meet them (CSPPA) so they waited for two days and after that when the time finally came for the two parties to meet, Na’Vi were made to wait for around 20 minutes and in the end, no one even showed up.

This was followed by s1mple once again raising the question as to how CSPPA could simply publish a statement “without any communication with the teams and players”. He pointed out that if things were supposed to go on like this then maybe even he could “create something like CSPPA and release some statement.”

While concluding his take on the whole situation which is currently brewing within the CS:GO community s1mple ended up calling CSPPA “shady” stating that “Of course they do some good stuff but they still seem shady to me.”

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Note: S1mple had originally spoken in Russian and the English translation has been taken from Nors3 and u/iwna with a few grammatical corrections.

The situation is still developing as a lot of members from the CS:GO community are calling out CSPPA for acting out selfishly only keeping in mind its own gain and benefit, while some other state that CSPPA is consciously targeting a few organizations while supporting others.

There are no absolute proofs to prove anything at the moment but two members,, Scott "SirScoots" Smith and Chris "chrisJ" de Jong are having a pretty rough time on Twitter as they try to defend the intentions of CSPPA.

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