CS:GO Players Accuse BLAST of Misusing Voice And Video Recordings

CS:GO Players Accuse BLAST of Misusing Voice And Video Recordings

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • BLAST has been accused by CS:GO players for mishandling of information.
  • CSPPA states that voice and video recordings of players has been shared with analysts and others.
  • Both players and CSPPA have reached out to BLAST for discussing this issue but the TO has declined.

BLAST had recently implemented multiple countermeasures to combat various methods of cheating that had hampered the integrity of competitive CS:GO recently. This required the teams participating in BLAST tournaments to record themselves, their screens, and even their voice comms while competing. 

But according to CSPPA, CS:GO players have complained that these recordings which contain “sensitive tactical information and personal information” was being shared with “analysts and others” without the prior knowledge of players. So the players have taken a stand that unless an agreement regarding the proper handling of information is not signed between them, they will no longer allow “BLAST access to voice comms and video screen recordings”.

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CS:GO Players Accuse BLAST Of Misusing Information

The recent ‘spectator bug exploit’ which is currently being investigated by ESIC, followed by the increase in the number of stream-sniping cases since the competitive scene shifted online had forced BLAST to implement a number of new features at their tournaments.

But as per a statement by CSPPA, the organizers have been caught mishandling voice and video recordings that the players had submitted as per the new guidelines. Because of this the players now want BLAST to sign an agreement with them regarding the proper handling of this information.

“BLAST have allowed analysts and others to gain access to our TeamSpeak and this has led to this information being passed on to others in the industry. This is not fair to teams and players who spend a lot of time to try to gain an advantage by perfecting tactics.”

The players have the following complaints,

  • The current voice and video recordings being demanded by BLAST severely affect the performance of a PC. So, players believe that other alternative measures available should be used.

  • Such recordings contain sensitive information that the players have no control upon i.e. who can access them, where is it being stored, and when are they deleted.

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CSPPA alleges that they have repeatedly tried to engage BLAST in a discussion about this issue with the players but they have declined it. So the players have tried to reach out to them once again by stating that “We players stand together on this. We will not allow BLAST to mishandle this information anymore. We encourage BLAST to start a dialogue with the CSPPA so we can get this done in the right way”

The players and CSPPA further say that each and every player wants to support these measures to safeguard the integrity of the game but they want to be treated fairly as well. They cannot let information from their side be mishandled in this manner as that in itself becomes an issue of integrity!

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