Operation Broken Fang: 7 Details You Might Have Missed

Operation Broken Fang: 7 Details You Might Have Missed

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • Here are a few Easter eggs or hidden details that users found in the recently released Broken Fang.
  • Read on to find out some amazing tributes that Valve has made along with other interesting finds.

The tenth CS:GO operation ‘Broken Fang’ has been out for a few days now and the community seems to be enjoying it a lot. This is evident by the fact that it ranked second on ‘Top 10 Sales on Steam’ last week. 

The battle pass bought with it a plethora of content ranging from new maps, agents, skins, stickers, and more, which not only excited users but engaged them in exploring every single item as they picked out details that others would have missed out on.

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Here are seven such hidden details or Easter eggs that you might have overlooked but some keen users were able to identify and point out during their hunt.

7 Hidden Details In Operation Broken Fang

Guard - QR Code

Broken Fang came with 6 new community-made maps for CS:GO one of which is ‘Guard’. The map which is made for the Wingman game mode has a really cool Easter egg on it which is actually a QR code.

If the user scans this QR code it redirects them to a Google search for ‘Chicken’, not a picture of a chicken or any such thing but just a plain text reading ‘Chicken’. The community was quite impressed with this slick move by the CS:GO developers.

Hard Mode - First Co-op Mission

The first week of the operation had a special co-op mission which the players could play through and enjoy. It would have rewarded them with weekly mission stars which are quite important this time around as players can spend them to receive in-game awards.

While most of the experienced users might have already cracked this one on their own, ‘u/ Kernel-Error’ showed us this hidden trick on the map to unlock ‘Hard Mode’ for the co-op mission.

Guard - Based On Prague

One of the newest maps to be on added along with operation Broken Fang for the wingman game mode, 'Guard' has been found out by users to be based on Prague, the largest city and the capital of Czech Republic.

The map is reportedly based around a really famous monument called 'Charles Bridge' with some of the aesthetics surrounding this tourist attraction being inculcated into the map as well.

1g - Retake Loadout

At this point in time, everyone must have realized that the 1g loadout in the retake game mode is based on Summit1g’s iconic Molotov run which resulted in Splyce losing to CLG at DreamHack Open Austin 2016.

The loadout is based on exactly all the things which were equipped by Summit1g at the time i.e. a helmet, an armor, a defuse kit, and a Molotov. The pro-turned-streamer was taken aback by surprise when he got to know about this by one of his viewers.

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McSkillet Logo On Engage

Valve might have silently paid tribute to the late CS:GO streamer Trevor ‘McSkillet’ Heitmann who died two years ago in a wrong-way road crash in North America as his logo was spotted all across the new Counter-Strike map Engage which was released along with Broken Fang.

One can see the resemblance between McSkillet’s logo and the sign that can be spotted all across Engage be it on the grill of every car or on the walls of the building.

Agent Naming Reference

According to some solid research done by ‘u/GloriousFight’, one of the new agents released with Broken Fang named "SWAT | Cmdr. Mae ‘Dead Cold’ Jamison" could be a reference and a tribute to Mae C. Jemison, who was the first African American female astronaut to be admitted into NASA’s astronaut training program and also go into space.

Kobe - Loadout

Another retake loadout introduced by Valve was a tribute to the late legendary basketball player Kobe Bryant who passed away earlier this year in a tragic helicopter crash. The loadout consists of just an HE grenade, a helmet, and an armor. The community really liked how Valve had decided to sneak this one in, as a grenade kill will forever be called a ‘Kobe’ no matter how much time passes by.

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