Summit1g Reacts to ‘1g’ Loadout From CS:GO’s Broken Fang Retake Mode

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Summit1g Reacts to ‘1g’ Loadout From CS:GO’s Broken Fang Retake Mode
  • CS:GO introduces Retake game mode with various weapon loadouts.
  • One loadout is called '1g' which consists of armor, helmet, defuse kit, and Molotov.
  • This loadout is named after popular Twitch streamer Summit1g.

The recently released CS:GO operation Broken Fang brought with it a lot of features and content which includes an official retake game mode. It includes something called weapon loadouts one of which is named ‘1g’ inspired by the popular North American Twitch streamer Jaryd "summit1g" Lazar, his reaction upon being told about this very thing was priceless.

Summit1g Reacts to ‘1g’ Loadout From CS:GO’s Broken Fang Retake Mode

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Summit1g’s Priceless Reaction To ‘1g’ Retake Mode Weapon Class

The 33-year-old was taken aback with surprise when one of his viewers informed him about CS:GO developers adding a weapon loadout called ‘1g’ that consisted of a helmet, an armor, a defuse kit, and a Molotov. Upon hearing this bit of information Summit1g was quite shook as he fumbled around for words to describe his emotion.

Summit1g Reacts to ‘1g’ Loadout From CS:GO’s Broken Fang Retake Mode

He was streaming a game called ‘Escape From Tarkov’ when he was briefed about this piece of information by one of his followers. Summit1g’s instant reaction was a loud ‘WHAT?!’ followed by complete disbelief as he thought the person who told him this was just messing around.

Upon realizing that it was indeed true Summit1g was quite pleased by the gesture as he went on to say that “Bro that is crazy! Counter-Strike has never put shit with me in the game. I tried to put a sticker in and they denied it, they would never put anything with me in the game and they finally did. That is sick.”

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The loadout ‘1g’ is named after Summit1g because back in 2016 when he was playing CS:GO competitively with a team called Splyce an iconic fail took place at DreamHack Open Austin which has forever been etched in the memory of the entire community.

What happened on that unfortunate day was that Splyce was one round away from winning the first map Train which was their pick against CLG. Summit1g had won a tough 1v2 clutch but as the team started to celebrate they noticed that they had actually lost the round because Summit1g had accidentally stepped over a burning Molotov and died. 

Splyce ended up losing on Train and eventually the series as well. That was the moment and the day a meme was born, ever since then every such instance has been referred to as ‘1g’.

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