CS:GO Pro Players Believe Valorant Cannot Kill CS:GO

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  • Pro players believe that Valorant cannot kill CS:GO anytime in the near future.
  • CS pros believe that Valve is headed in the right direction and the game is growing.
  • Despite Valorant's launch, CS:GO managed to hit its highest concurrent player count breaking all records.

Similar to how the world of MOBAs has League of Legends and DOTA 2 fans talking about which is the better game, Valorant’s release this year had FPS fans comparing it to CS: GO. In a recent interview with Dexerto, four professional esports players responded to Valorant’s capability to kill off CS:GO.

What Do Pro Players Think About Valorant Killing CS:GO?

CS:GO Pro Players Believe Valorant Cannot Kill CS:GO
Coldzera believes that players who don't find success in CS move to Valorant.
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ColdZera of FaZe Clan responded saying that CS: GO has not been deterred by Valorant. Valve’s shooter recently broke its record of having the most players online. He also talked about how players who went to CS simply did not have any chance of finding success and had to move to a different game.

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Stewie2K of Team Liquid talked about how Valorant can coexist with CS:GO, and it can be the game people go to when they do not want to play CS. Karrigan of Mousesports talked about how Counter-Strike as a franchise has been around for twenty years and it is hard to kill it off. He says it is possible in another 15 or 20 years but the game has a lot of history behind it. He talked about how there are players who are between the age of 30-40 and still play competitively. He does not see Valorant being able to kill CS:GO anytime soon.

Blamef of Complexity Gaming revealed that he hasn’t even tried Valorant since the time it came out. He thinks the game looks very boring and he doesn’t like that you can throw grenades through walls. He hasn’t concerned himself with the game, and from his perspective Counter-Strike just keeps getting bigger and bigger. As long as CS:GO continues to grow, he is fine with other games growing bigger as well. He wants CS to keep going in the right direction and believes that Valve is doing just that with their game.

None of the players in the video believes that Valorant can kill CS:GO, and it is best if both games coexist. But it cannot be denied that Valorant did have an impact. Going by Steam.DB's numbers from Valorant’s launch days, it put a dent in CS:GO’s player count. But this is a normal reoccurrence and often happens whenever a major release happens. Both esports titles are faring well in terms of player count and esports growth and will likely continue to do so over the coming years.

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