What Skins Can We Expect From Valve in CS:GO Operation 10

What Skins Can We Expect From Valve in CS:GO Operation 10

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • The upcoming 'Operation 10' is speculated to be themed on winter/snow.
  • These are some of the weapon skins based on the theme that the community would love to see in the new operation.
  • The featured skins are for the following weapons; MP9, Glock 18, AWP, and USP-S.

The month of November has gone and there is still no official news about ‘Operation 10’ as the old speculations expire and new ones keep stacking up. One such rumour states that the upcoming operation will most likely be themed around winter/snow keeping in line with the true spirit of Christmas which has motivated a lot of creators to come up with some incredible weapon skins based around it.

Creators have come up with skins for multiple weapons be it the dominating AWP, the go-to sidearm USP-S, the common CT- rifle M4A4, and more. While no one including the creators of the skins themselves can exactly predict which skins will be approved by Valve to feature along in the upcoming ‘Operation 10’ here are a few recent hot picks that the community has given their approval to.

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Weapon Skins That Might Feature In CS:GO Operation 10

MP9 | Yeti

A weapon designed around the concept of the mythical beast Yeti that is believed to reside in the highest part of the Himalayas might be a great addition to a weapon bundle themed around winter/snow.

The weapon skin has a minimalistic design with a glimpse of Yeti on the main weapon body and an overall frost-covered texture. It might not be the best skin on this list but the creator has really shown his creativity connecting the beast with the ‘Operation 10’ theme.

Glock-18 | Cryo

Following a simple frost theme, this skin is a great combination of various shades of white and blue that come together to give a jagged look to the sidearm. In one look it feels as if the Glock would be made out of a thick block of ice lighter towards the barrel and darker towards the grip.

AWP | Snowman

The bolt action sniper rifle is the dream gun for dominating the opposition with and requires quite some amount of skill to master. Generally, some of the best AWP skins are quite expensive and this skin called ‘Snowman’ might also be one of those as it is nothing short of incredible.

With a snowman being the main character in the middle of the gun, the design covers the entire gun magnificently flowing from the edge-to-edge. The wooden scope is a great touch to the weapon and the overall colour scheme is also perfect. Definitely a must-have for the collectors if it comes out.

USP-S | Winter Jay

The Winter Jay skin signifies the beautiful winter bird which compliments the theme of ‘Operation 10’ beautifully. It is a really beautiful piece of art which actually looks really elegant with a white base that signifies snow. 

This skin was highly commended by members of the community which is pretty evident by the number of prizes awarded to it. The water coloured texture is simply stunning and adds on to this simplistic masterpiece.

These are a few weapons that the CS:GO community highly praised and might be an excellent addition to the rumored ‘Operation 10’ which will hopefully arrive in the month of December. Apart from an exciting weapons bundle, the operation is set to have a lot of exciting new features like a new Danger Zone map, a 1v1 game mode, survival co-op mission, and more.

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