Fnatic CS:GO Pro Krimz's VAC Ban Removed by Valve

Fnatic CS:GO Pro Krimz's VAC Ban Removed by Valve

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • Valve removes VAC ban from Krimz's Steam account.
  • Though no official statement has been made by either Valve nor Krimz it is being speculated that the Swede received a false VAC ban due to Esportal anti-cheat.
  • Esportal's anti-cheat faced an issue with CS:GO trust mode similar to that of 5EPlay's anti-cheat.

The surprise VAC ban placed against Fnatic’s star rifler Freddy "KRIMZ" Johansson three days ago on 28th November has now been lifted by Valve just hours before the Swede is scheduled to go up against Dignitas at Flashpoint Season 2. Though the ban has been removed nether Krimz nor Valve has come forward to reveal what the reason behind the incident was with many from the community still speculating that it might have been a false VAC ban triggered due to the Esportal anti-cheat.

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Krimz’s VAC Ban Removed By Valve

A few hours ago Krimz was seen thanking CS:GO for taking care of the problem quickly and lifting the apparently false VAC ban from his Steam account. After being banned for three days the VAC ban has been lifted by Valve but the reason behind it is still shrouded in mystery as none of the parties involved has come forward with a proper explanation.

According to the majority of community members, Krimz was handed a false VAC ban due to a problem caused by Esportal anti-cheat. Esportal is a Swedish third-party CS:GO matchmaking platform which is quite popular in Europe especially Sweden where even some of the pros play on it from time-to-time.

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In a recent statement made public by the platform at the same time when Krimz’s VAC ban was lifted, they came forward to reveal that “All players that received a VAC ban due to this (Esportal Anti-Cheat) issue have now had their ban removed by CS:GO. We are aware that some users received game bans and Valve will investigate those bans as well.”

This is quite a strong piece of evidence which links Krimz’s VAC ban to the Esportal anti-cheat problem as the two instances follow a similar timeline. Esportal did not try to hide this issue from the public giving all possible information and assistance to Valve as requested by them while keeping everyone informed via Twitter.

The problem is very similar to the one faced by the Chinese 5EPlay platform due to which many Southeast Asia users including pro players and popular streamers received false VAC bans that were later removed.

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Fnatic will be revealed with the quick action taken by Valve to resolve this issue as Krimz will now be able to play with the team in their first playoff match against Dignitas at Flashpoint Season 2 which is set to take place later today.

Update: In a recent Tweet made by Fnatic's CS:GO head coach Andreas Samuelsson it has been revealed that Krimz was falsely handed a VAC ban due to Esportal's anti-cheat compatibility issues with CS:GO's trusted mode.

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