[Watch] CS:GO Player Takes Impossible Mid Air No-Scope Kill on Vertigo

[Watch] CS:GO Player Takes Impossible Mid Air No-Scope Kill on Vertigo

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Vertigo and blunders are synonymous with each other at this point in CS:GO. No one is exempted from the accidental falls off the Vertigo tower be it a casual user or a professional player. But what if jumping from the building was a tactical play to win the round in a 1v1 situation by turning around in mid-air to take a no-scope kill, won’t that be the ultimate power move to make your opponent uninstall the game!

Impossible Mid Air No Scope Kill On Vertigo

Well a CS:GO player recently showed off his skills in exactly this manner during a wingman game as he baited his opponent to the very edge of the building on Vertigo before intentionally jumping off and then turning mid air to take a no-scope kill. His opponent was caught completely off guard as he stood on the edge peeking down before getting shot in the least expected manner to lose the round.

The clip above is hands down the most insane flex I have personally come across in CS:GO so far and it was not something which was planned as is evident from how the round played out. Facing a 2v1 situation the user took care of the first enemy using a knife but in the process went down to 18HP, the remaining enemy also took out his knife and chased him but instead of fighting him head on which would have resulted in a loss he baited him to the very edge of the building and then jumped down, only to turn around mid air and take him down with a solid no scope.

Both his opponents were in complete shock at this crafty play which was appreciated by the CS:GO community as well. I wonder if it gets better than this on Vertigo!

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