Krimz VAC Ban Could be Related to Swedish CS:GO Platform Esportal

Krimz VAC Ban Could be Related to Swedish CS:GO Platform Esportal

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • Swedish CS:GO matchmaking platform Esportal is being speculated as the reason behind Krimz VAC ban.
  • Esportal has provided all the necessary information to Valve as they await their feedback.
  • Fnatic are scheduled to play Dignitas on 1 December at Flashpoint Season 2.

Fnatic’s rifler Freddy "KRIMZ" Johansson received a VAC banned yesterday out of the blue and the news went viral across the CS:GO community. As everyone discussed and tried to come up with logical reasoning for the ban a few Swedish users pointed a finger towards Esportal which is a Swedish third-party CS:GO matchmaking platform and it seems they could have been right.

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Krimz VAC Ban Could Be Related To Esportal

Esportal is a third-party CS:GO matchmaking platform which is quite popular in Europe especially Sweden. A lot of Swedish pro players also use the platform from time-to-time and as per public information, Krimz had recently used the platform to play a few games of Counter-Strike.

Yesterday a few users suspected Esportal to be the reason behind Krimz’ VAC ban as already a few Swedish CS:GO players had experienced something similar while using the platform. Earlier today a public statement by Esportal confirmed that maybe there was something wrong that was resulting in its users getting VAC banned, similar to how SEA pros and streamers were getting false VAC bans due to a problem on the Chinese 5EPlay platform.

The above statement clarifies that Esportal is themselves not sure what exactly the problem is as they state that the problem will “probably be solved soon”. A further response clarifies that it was Valve who had reached out to them and all the requested information had been sent their way as they await feedback from Valve.

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It is still not officially confirmed that the VAC ban received by Krimz was due to Esportal and everything up until now is mere speculation. Another Swedish player Christopher "GeT_RiGhT" Alesund has questioned this speculation against Esportal as he said that "I played Esportal yesterday and I haven't received a ban."

An update from Fnatic’s head coach Andreas “Samuelsson” Samuelsson further states that the organization is doing everything possible to understand the reason behind the unexpected VAC ban. They believe that “intentional usage of any illegal program” was not the reason behind it and are working with Flashpoint to have Krimz ready for their match against Dignitas on 1st December.

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