Banned CS:GO Player Claims Being Offered $2000 For Match-Fixing

Banned CS:GO Player Claims Being Offered $2000 For Match-Fixing

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • ESIC banned Australian CS:GO player Joshua “jhd” Hough claims responsibility for his actions.
  • Jhd claims that he was once offered $2,000 for throwing a match but he refused.
  • He currently faces a twelve-month ban from competitive CS:GO due to betting related offences.

In late October ESIC had come forward with an update on the ‘MDL Match-Fixing Investigation’ in which they had issued a twelve-month ban to seven Australian CS:GO players for betting related offences. One of those players Joshua “jhd” Hough-Devinein in a recent report by ABC News has claimed that he was offered $2,000 to throw a match but he had refused to do it.

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ESIC Banned CS:GO Player On Match-Fixing

The 19-year-old Australian teenager jhd who last played for a local Australian team called Rooster while talking about his ESIC ban explained that he only bet money on himself to win and claimed that he has never thrown a CS:GO match in his life.

When asked about how he felt after hearing the news about his ban from competitive CS:GO for a whole year, jhd responded by saying that “I laughed it off, it was just a shock.” He went on to take full responsibility of his actions and his only explanation was that he did not read the rules hence he had no idea that what he was doing is wrong.

"It's just not what I do, I've got morals. I'm not a criminal."

Jhd then dropped the bomb by revealing that certain people had approached him online with the target of fixing matches. He then claimed that once he was offered a total of $2,000 to throw a match but he refused the offer.

“Like why would I take $2,000 when you have a possibility of getting arrested."

This small bit of information could be crucial to the local authorities as they can proactively take steps to intercept these bookies next time or at least be better prepared to deal with the situation. Already Victoria Police’s Sporting Integrity Intelligence Unit has shown that they are well capable of tracking down these match-fixers as they caught five men for the same practice in May earlier this year.

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Since then this is the second big match-fixing case from Australia that has come under the limelight as ESIC continues to finish the ‘MDL Match-Fixing Investigation’ while simultaneously also working on the ‘Spectator Coaching Bug Exploit’.

Earlier this month former Na’Vi in-game leader Denis "seized" Kostin had also talked about match-fixing in both CS:GO and Dota 2 while revealing that as far as he knew “for Major one match could cost $20,000 per player.”

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