[Watch] Insane CT Spawn Triple Boost on Overpass to Target Alley

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Stacking players one on top of the other to peek over high obstacles like walls or boxes in order to catch the enemy off guard from an unorthodox angle is something CS:GO players experiment with on the daily. North American esports organization Triumph recently came up with one such wickedly genius triple boost on Overpass which allowed them to peek all the way from CT-Spawn near ‘Optimus’ to ‘Alley’ near the T-Spawn.

[Watch] Insane CT Spawn Triple Boost on Overpass to Target Alley

Insane Overpass Triple Boost

Triumph while facing off against Chaos Esports Club in the grand finals of IEM Beijing 2020 - North America were in an urgent need of a victory on Overpass as they were down ‘1-7’ while playing CT-sided. So on the 9th round Triumph pulled off an insane triple boost from ‘Optimus’ which gave them vision over ‘Alley’ as they successfully found a kill on Nathan “leaf“ Orffrom while also denying Chaos EC a successfully Molotov.

From the clip above it can be seen that the boost is pretty easy to replicate and so useful as it denies the T-side from executing a particular Molotov throw while also giving some information as to what the enemy might be up to. It is a legit boost as no ‘pixel walking’ takes place which was the case with the infamous ‘Olof Boost’, but despite executing such a flawless boost and getting the man advantage Triumph was not able to win the round.

[Watch] Insane CT Spawn Triple Boost on Overpass to Target Alley

Overall Triumph got stomped on the map by Chaos who defeated them ‘16-5’ on Overpass to take a ‘2-1’ lead in the best-of-five series before closing it all down in the very next map Nuke, which saw Triumph fight tooth and nail till the very end before they lost the game ‘16-14’ and took the runners-up position.

This was by far the best performance put up by Triumph this year in a tier-one tournament as they went up against Team Liquid in the semifinals and handed them a surprising defeat before squaring off against Chaos EC. It will be interesting to see how Triumph go forward from here on out as they have established themselves as a serious contender within the North American region.

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