BLAST Reveals New Changes to Maintain Integrity With Online CS:GO


BLAST Reveals New Changes to Maintain Integrity With Online CS:GO

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • BLAST reveals new changes implemented by them to maintain competitive integrity during online CS:GO.
  • They have successfully converted some of their broadcast attributes into security features.
  • The recently concluded BLAST Premier: Fall 2020 Regular Season has been regarded as one of the best online CS:GO tournament this year.

The ‘Coaching Bug Exploit’ rocked the competitive CS:GO circuit hard a few months back and its impact is still being felt by the scene as ESIC (Esports Integrity Commission) continues to actively investigate this particular incident. As the tournament organizers tried to cope up with the online transition of CS:GO due to the global health situation BLAST came forward to reveal a few changes for their ‘Fall Series’ tournaments that actively combat the ‘Coaching Bug Exploit’ among other similar barriers.

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BLAST: New Changes To Maintain Integrity With Online CS:GO

In a recent interview with Dexerto, Andrew Haworth who is the director of operations and production for BLAST revealed various methods that BLAST had implemented to keep up with the online transition of competitive CS:GO.

  • To keep a close eye on what every member of a team is doing during the match including the coach, BLAST has implemented player cams which were initially a part of the broadcast feature “that had some great context and depth” but then also doubled up as a security feature “to ensure we can see what players are doing”.

  • Another broadcast attribute which automatically became a security feature was the ability to listen to the TeamSpeak of both the teams competing. Snippets of these were used as content pieces by the tournament organizer while also giving them constant access to what was being discussed between the team members including the coach.

  • There is a special rule in place especially for all the coaches to target the ‘Coaching Bug Exploit’ issue. All the coaches are required to stream their perspective of the ongoing match to BLAST’s discord. This will ensure that the coach is under vigilance at all times and that whatever goes on his screen is monitored in real-time by someone else, so if the spectator bug occurs the round can be restarted immediately and the chances of abusing it are drastically reduced.

  • Something called a ‘MOss Anti-Cheat’ has also been implemented which is a program that continuously runs on a users PC and what it does is that it provides BLAST with random screenshots and a complete report of every action that took place on their PC during the game.

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These are some of the methods that BLAST has now adopted since competitive CS:GO shifted online. Haworth attributed these quick changes to two factors, the coaching scandal being exposed away from the ‘Fall Series’ tournaments which gave them ample time to prepare and BLAST following a practice of updating their rulebooks after every event.

Whatever the organizers are doing seems to be working out as the recently concluded BLAST Premier: Fall 2020 Regular Season was commended as one of the best online CS:GO tournament of 2020 by both the industry experts and the community members.

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