Former CS:GO Source 2 Dev Criticizes Toxic Culture at Valve

Former CS:GO Source 2 Dev Criticizes Toxic Culture at Valve

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • Former Valve developer shares his toxic experience while working on the Source 2 engine.
  • He reveals why Source 2 was "in the weeds for many years" and what contributed to the toxic environment.
  • He also takes a shot at the Source 2 engine calling the project "an almost total waste of time and energy".

The CS:GO community has long awaited a Source 2 update for the game with many speculations floating around the topic since March this year. While most of them have turned out to be nothing more than just rumours the community, as usual, continues to be hopeful for a Source 2 port.

While the community waits for probably the biggest update that CS:GO could ever receive, a former Valve developer Richard Geldreich who was also a part of Source 2’s development team recently shared his experience of working on the project stating that “This particular team was irredeemably and systemically toxic.” He further criticised the creation of the engine as well claiming that “Source 2 was just copying & pasting ideas from other engines.”

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Former CS:GO Source 2 Dev Shares Toxic Experience At Valve

Geldreich who just a couple of days back had criticised CS:GO’s code by calling it “ancient” while also pointing out why certain game features are delayed and why developers do not fix anything “unless absolutely necessary”, has now gone ahead to share his toxic experience while developing the Source 2 engine.

Calling the development team “irredeemably and systemically toxic” he goes on to point out a few reasons why he feels that this was the “most toxic group of developers” that he has ever seen.

  • Geldreich points out that the company’s digital distribution income had skyrocketed at the same time when Source 2’s development had begun and this was a part of the problem.

  • Due to this, the long-standing members of the company started “vying for massive bonuses and stock,” which led to a toxic work environment.

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He went on to state that the situation was so bad that many of the developers refused to work on the Source 2 project ever again and all of this was the reason why “Source 2 was in the weeds for many years.”

Geldreich was not done yet as he went on to point some fingers at the Source 2 engine as well calling its development a “massive busywork project and an almost total waste of time and energy.” He went on to state that Source 2 was nothing but “copying and pasting ideas from other engines.”

This is probably the most information about Source 2 that has been revealed in recent time and tells us a lot about why the CS:GO port might be facing such heavy delays in addition to the reasons already known like CS:GO code being complicated and the problem related to transfer of in-game virtual items.

There has been no big news related to the Source 2 update in the last few months after an initial hype that started in the month of March and lasted for quite some time. Right now the community seems to be distracted with the release of ‘Operation 10’ as everything related to Source 2 is now mostly accepted as nothing more than just a meme.

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