FURIA Might Replace HEN1 & VINI Amid FalleN-Fer Comeback Rumours

FURIA Might Replace HEN1 & VINI Amid FalleN-Fer Comeback Rumours

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • HEN1 and VINI to reportedly leave FURIA amid comeback rumours of both FalleN and Fer.
  • FURIA reportedly going international as they are already in talks with Triumph's AWPer Junior.
  • Possibility of new Brazilian lineup coming up is being discussed by the community members.

Brazilian esports organization FURIA who is currently the best team from the North American region according to HLTV global rankings is reportedly looking to make a few changes despite a successful run this year during the uncertain online era of CS:GO. 

It seems both Henrique "HEN1" Teles and Vinicius "VINI" Figueiredo are on the chopping block according to two separate reports from DBLTAP and Rafael. Further information from Rush B Media suggests that the organization is preparing to go international as they are already in talks with Triumph’s 19-year-old AWPer Paytyn "⁠Junior⁠" Johnson.

All these reports have come in the last 24 hours and within a week of rumours about former MIBR players Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo and Fernando "fer" Alvarenga returning to professional CS:GO making waves. This has sparked a lot of discussions within the CS:GO community about a possible new Brazilian CS:GO lineup or perhaps one of the veterans making their way to FURIA.

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HEN1 And VINI To Reportedly Leave FURIA

FURIA has climbed the CS:GO regional and global rankings fast during this period of online competitive Counter-Strike. While many teams have struggled the aggressive Brazilian lineup has thrived to topple the best teams in the North American region to take the pole position.

But despite the immense success, FURIA was greeted with an early exit during their recent European campaign at BLAST Premier: Fall 2020 Regular Season where they faced consecutive defeats against G2 Esports and the renewed MIBR. This seems to have initiated a few discussions within the Brazilian organization who are reportedly looking to replace their star AWPer HEN1 along with the talented rifler VINI in a bid to go international.

The Brazilian organization is reportedly eyeing Junior the 19-year-old talented AWPer from Triumph as a replacement for HEN1 while there is still no news about who would be replacing VINI or if the Brazilian rifler is even being moved out of the team.

Another Brazilian Team On The Rise?

The above reports which have sprung up in the last 24-hours have got the CS:GO community excited as they speculate this to be in connection with the recent double roster leak made by Brazilian Counter-Strike legend FalleN.

Though both HEN1 and VINI were not mentioned in those particular lineups one of which was a completely Brazilian lineup while the other was a European roster, some community members believe them to be a part of a new upcoming Brazilian lineup.

While there is no substantial proof to point out whether this is true or not, the speculations are rather exciting and not baseless at all as they seem to be in line with the recent events that have occurred within a weeks time. 

A few also speculate that maybe one of the players FalleN or Fer might be a replacement for VINI but this seems to be a long shot considering that FURIA already have a great in-game leader and the rough history FURIA shares with these two particular players.

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