Twitch Streamer With $158K CS:GO Inventory Banned From Trading

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • Twitch streamer 'Evelone' faces trade ban by Steam on his CS:GO inventory worth more than $158,000.
  • He was reportedly found guilty of stealing another user’s Steam account.
  • Evelone has more than 1.2 million followers on Twitch.

One of the most popular CS:GO streamers from the CIS region ‘Evelone’ who has more than 1.2 million followers on Twitch seems to have recently been handed a ‘Steam Community Ban’ after reportedly having been found guilty of stealing another user’s Steam account. Due to this, he has been banned from trading which renders his CS:GO inventory worth more than $158,000 absolutely useless.

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CS:GO Inventory Worth More Than $158K Banned From Trading

The steam market is a really big part of the Valve ecosystem which keeps many users engaged with the game as they buy and sell various skins and other items to grow their inventories while some use this very practice to do business on the platform as well. 

So having a CS:GO inventory worth 12 million rubles ($158,000 approx.) with a trade ban is not exactly something to be happy about especially if you are a popular Twitch streamer as one would likely be missing out on a lot of great trade opportunities.

Twitch Streamer With $158K CS:GO Inventory Banned From Trading

The ‘Steam Community Ban’ does not block the user from playing the game or accessing his inventory but it does prevent the user from having access to the forums, friends, and most importantly the trade aspect of the game which involves both buying and selling of the skins as well.

As reported by u/iwna, ‘Evelone’ was handed the ban for stealing another user’s Steam account and a message from the Steam admins state the following,

“This account has been reported to have stolen another Steam account. The account has been suspended in accordance with the terms of the Steam Subscriber Agreement. Account blocking won’t be cancelled.”

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A similar incident had taken place just last month when a CS:GO trader named ‘ChiLi’ had been banned for almost 3 weeks for ‘hijacking another user’s Steam account’. However, the ban was lifted later as Steam Support admitted that it was a mistake from their side.

Maybe something similar could have happened to ‘Evelone’ as well who is a huge streamer in the CIS region but nothing can be ruled out at this point until further official information comes our way either through the streamer or Steam themselves. All said and done having a trade ban on a CS:GO inventory that expensive is surely going to be a nightmare for anyone!

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