ScreaM Dominates Headshot Stats in CS:GO Despite Retirement


ScreaM Dominates Headshot Stats in CS:GO Despite Retirement

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • ScreaM tops multiple CS:GO headshot charts despite not having played the game in over a year.
  • ScreaM retired from CS:GO in Aug 2020 but had not played professionally since Sep 2019.
  • ScreaM has the most number of headshots in the history of CS:GO.

Former Counter-Strike pro Adil "ScreaM" Benrlitom might have retired from the game but his headshot legacy continues to be a reminder of his insane accuracy and talent. Even after more than a year since last playing CS:GO professionally ScreaM continues to dominate multiple all-time headshot stats in the game like headshot percentage, headshot per round, and total headshots.

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ScreaM Continues To Be The Undisputed Headshot Machine

ScreaM had made a big name for himself in the competitive Counter-Strike circuit on the back of his insane accuracy due to which he was popularly referred to as the ‘Headshot Machine’. The Belgian rifler was so good that even after having not played CS:GO in more than a year and even retiring from the game to pursue a career in VALORANT recently, he still tops the chart when it comes to the all-time headshot percentage against a top-thirty team with an insane accuracy of 65.8%.

Not only this but he also tops the leaderboards for the all-time most headshot per round against a top-thirty team with a staggering 0.48, which means that in every round he has struck the head of players 48% of the time that he has fired.

Moving out of the top-thirty bracket the 26-year-old still manages to top the all-time most headshot per round category with a slightly improved 0.50 which ensures that half his shots end up hitting a player on the head every round.

Another category which the retired CS:GO rifler tops when coming out of the top-thirty category is the total number of headshots that a player has registered over the course of their entire career with an insane 18,724 headshots being registered to his name since turning pro in 2010.

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If this is not enough to prove what a beast ScreaM is I have no idea how much proof would someone actually need to see how insanely accurate this player was. As the player himself stated once long ago, “People, they know me as the headshot machine. They know me from the highlights they see. They know me from the matches they watch. They talk about my one taps.”

ScreaM retired from CS:GO in August earlier this year to pursue a career in VALORANT as he currently plays with a British lineup under the Team Liquid banner and continues to compete in the European scene.

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