Flusha Convicted of Tax Evasion For Over $100,000 CS:GO Prize Money


Flusha Convicted of Tax Evasion For Over $100,000 CS:GO Prize Money

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • Swedish rifler Flusha has been convicted of tax evasion on over $100,000 of prize money from 2015.
  • Flusha says that it was a negligent mistake and he did not do it intentionally.
  • The Swede will be paying the missing tax amount with a 40% surcharge.

Swedish rifler Robin "flusha" Ronnquist was convicted of tax evasion yesterday by a local district court in Sweden which dates back to 2015. As per a report by Fragbite, the Swede has been handed a small  fine along with a criminal conviction as he had failed to declare his CS:GO prize money earnings of up to 1.04 million kronor ($120,800 approx.) five years ago in 2015.

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Flusha Convicted For Tax Evasion

One of the most popular Swedish CS:GO players of all time Flusha was at the top of his Counter-Strike career from 2013 to 2015 during which he won numerous tournaments with Fnatic. It was the Swede’s prize winnings from 2015 for which he has been convicted of tax evasion which approximately amounts to $874,475.45 as per information available on Liquipedia.    

The prosecutors were off the opinion that Flusha should have understood that his prize money winnings were counted as income which apparently the Swede had no idea about as he denied evading the authorities intentionally while admitting that it was a negligent mistake.

Talking about 2015 Flusha who was playing with Fnatic at the time had won two Majors that year ESL One: Cologne 2015 and ESL One: Katowice 2015 among many other tournaments winning a total of close to a million dollars in prize money alone. A sizable portion of this would have been received by Flusha as well which the 27-year-old failed to declare as his income at the time.

Flusha Convicted of Tax Evasion For Over $100,000 CS:GO Prize Money

As per Swedish rules and regulations esports earnings including prize money won at tournaments are part of a players income and must be declared. The income tax can be as high as 57% for income over 675,700 kronor ($78,000 approx.) and Flusha had obviously earned more than that in prize winnings alone in 2015.

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Luckily the esports player will not be spending any time in jail which has been substituted by a suspended sentence of 120 hours of community service. Flusha has also been forced to pay the complete tax amount evaded along with a 40% extra charge taking the total up to 200,000 kronor ($23,200 approx.) apart from this he would also be paying a small fine of 800 kronor ($100 approx.) to the Swedish Crime Victims Fund.

This means that the Swede will be able to compete with Fnatic at Flashpoint Season 2 without any hindrance as they take on MAD Lions tonight in the final match of Group-A.

Flusha Convicted of Tax Evasion For Over $100,000 CS:GO Prize Money

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