CS:GO Crosses 1 Million Concurrent Players After 4 Months

CS:GO Crosses 1 Million Concurrent Players After 4 Months

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • CS:GO witnesses a peak of more than a million concurrent users.
  • The game witnessed such a spike in its userbase after more than 4 months.
  • As per community members the spike in userbase is due to the series of lockdowns that are taking place across Europe.

Counter-Strike who turned 20 last week on 8th November crossed a peak of more than a million concurrent players yesterday afternoon after more than four months. Last time the game had crossed the million mark was in June following which the peak had slightly witnessed a drop while the average player count more or less stayed the same.

CS:GO Crosses 1 Million Peak Concurrent Players

Yesterday afternoon on 14th November around 14:30 PM, CS:GO witnessed a sudden surge in the number of players as the concurrent player count hit a peak of more than a million, the exact number being 1,011,452 according to SteamDB.

CS:GO has crossed the million mark after more than four months and the last time such stats were observed was in the month of June when a peak of 1,011,177 concurrent players was witnessed by the community members. Following this, the peak concurrent numbers had dropped down to slightly less than a million but the average daily peak still stayed well above 850,000 players through the months of July, August, September, and October.

As per community members, the sudden spike is being attributed to the recent lockdowns that are taking place across Europe as a similar spike has previously been observed in the month of March when the first global lockdown wave took place.

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CS:GO witnessed a successful run from March to June as the game observed a peak of more than a million concurrent viewers each month and even managed to create an all-time record of 1,308,963 concurrent players in the month of April.

What many including popular Twitch streamer Michael “shroud” Grzesiek had labelled as a dead game since the release of Riot Games’ VALORANT seems to be doing really well for itself. The competitive scene though a bit exhaustive at this point is still going really well with quite a few tournaments left to be played out before the year-end.

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The recent ‘Operation 10’ leaks and rumours have only added to the excitement as the community believes that this might be the best possible moment for Valve to release the next operation. If the developers do drop the new operation before the month-end we might see the resurgence of CS:GO along with a few broken records obviously!

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