CIS Caster on Flashpoint: “Heading towards collapse and failure"

CIS Caster on Flashpoint: “Heading towards collapse and failure"

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • Russian esports caster v1lat criticises Flashpoint and its organizers.
  • He says that the tournament is headed towards collapse and failure while stating the reasons as well.
  • V1lat goes on to say why the tournament is not being broadcasted in Russian.

Russian caster Vitalii Nikolaevich "v1lat" Volochai who currently works as a commentator with Maincast studio recently spoke against the organizers of CS:GO tournament Flashpoint via Telegram. According to him, the organizers brag a bit too much about their tournament while spouting unfounded criticism towards other tournament organizers.

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CIS Caster Criticises Flashpoint

Russian esports caster v1lat had a lot to say about Flashpoint including why the tournament was not being broadcasted in Russian despite two teams from region competing in it, and forZe.

He went on to say that “It is very interesting to read on the internet the constant bragging that Flashpoint league talent and management do about how cool they are and how they understand esports, while other organizers like StarLadder, EEE (Epic Esports Events), and especially ESL are complete woodpeckers.”

Taking a direct shot at Duncan “Thorin” Shields he says that “What a fantastic product he has created, so chic that neither Maincast nor RuHub nor WePlay are covering the tournament despite the fact that there are two teams from the region playing in it.”

The 34-year-old Russian went on to claim that the reason behind no CIS studio covering the tournament had something to do with the “conditions and rules these amateurs (Flashpoint) came up with,” as he goes on to state that “Flashpoint has to pay a lot of money to the studios that will cover their tournament, and not vice-versa.”

Concluding his take on Flashpoint v1lat said that form what he has seen so far “Flashpoint is going exactly in the direction of collapse and failure.” He goes on to point a list of things because of which he things the tournament might fail, “1.5 sponsors, huge budgets, Thorin's bragging about how much he pays to himself and his friends, the lack of normal coverage in other languages, and a lot of vying on the Internet.”

He also expressed his disbelief in the fact that Flashpoint allowed one of their talents to swear on-air, “Well done! A new era of tournaments! Close ESL and Epic League!!"

The tournament which is currently into its second season has pulled out some great content this time around and have a few good teams competing in it, but it still lacks the big viewership numbers as none of the top-tier teams is still competing in it. It will be interesting to see how the tournament continues to do in the next few years!

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