Summit1g Explains Why VALORANT is Less Enjoyable Than CS:GO


Summit1g Explains Why VALORANT is Less Enjoyable Than CS:GO

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • Summit1g feels that CS:GO is more enjoyable than VALORANT for him and his viewers.
  • He feels that the game is not enjoyable to watch from a viewers perspective.
  • The streamer has decided to not stream too much VALORANT and instead start doing a bit of CS:GO surfing.

There has been a lot of talks recently about CS:GO dying despite the game doing fairly well when it comes to daily user count, popular streamer Michael "shroud" Grzesiek was also involved in a bit of a controversy on the topic and had to give a proper clarification. But despite all the finger-pointing Jaryd “Summit1g” Lazar still thinks CS:GO is more enjoyable than VALORANT both for him and his viewers.

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Summit1g On Why CS:GO Is More Enjoyable Than VALORANT

Summit1g has been streaming a lot of ‘Sea of Thieves’ recently as he believes it is the perfect game for both him and his viewers. He enjoys playing it and it gives him time to interact with the chat and just have a good time which he feels is not the case with VALORANT, the new shooter in town everyone is raving about.

While declaring that he will not be playing too much VALORANT going forward on his stream he goes on to say that he will “always be a Counter-Strike boy” while also thinking of starting his future streams by surfing in CS:GO. 

Surfing is quite popular in CS:GO

Explaining why he does not enjoy VALORANT he goes on to say that the game is not fun for both him and his chat because he thinks “the game is not so enjoyable to watch from a viewers perspective unless you are really into VALORANT yourself.”

This is understandable because VALORANT is faster paced then CS:GO with a plethora of abilities and features that might not be attractive to a lot of viewers who don’t know much about the game. Summit1g specifically points out that when it comes to CS:GO, utilities add on to the skill of a player, on how they use it and when they use it instead of the spam that comes with VALORANT.

VALORANT has agent specific spells

He continues by saying that he does not feel that way for any other shooters, “Counter-Strike sometimes (but) VALORANT is even heavier on feeling like a god one day and then feeling like you’ve never played a day in your life the next day.” To him, all this feels very weird and seems to add on to the list of disappointments.

While this might have been a bit of a personal take by Summit1g a few points made by him do carry across as being a common consensus between a lot of people. Also, one thing that is for sure is that both these games are doing well for themselves while VALORANT is steadily growing even CS:GO is doing very well without any hints of it ‘dying down’ in any way.

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