HenryG Explains Why Cloud9 Announces Player Salaries


HenryG Explains Why Cloud9 Announces Player Salaries

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • HenryG says that if orgs are investing so much money, revealing player contracts should be a celebration.
  • He says that it goes on to show how much the organization believes in their players.
  • According to him if more teams follow suit it would be great for the whole scene in the long run.

Cloud9’s new CS:GO General Manager Henry "HenryG" Greer had decided early on that all their player contracts will be made public knowledge as they became probably the first CS:GO team to do such a thing within the ecosystem. In a recent interview with Flashpoint, he spoke at length about why he along with Cloud9 decided to go forth with this and why some of the other organizations are still not comfortable with such transparency.

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Why C9 Announced Player Salaries Publicly

HenryG has certainly taken a groundbreaking decision, with Cloud9 confidently backing him up as they have come forth and announced each player contract publicly. Though they did abstain from sharing certain specific details, what they have done is certainly unprecedented.

Talking about as to why he decided to go ahead with this decision HenryG said that “I think it is the next step,” explaining why this was so. He said that it made no sense as to why organizations would not share such information because if they are investing so much money “I feel that (it) should be a celebration, that should be something you should be kind of telling everyone about.”

Further speaking on the topic he says that revealing how much an organization has invested in its team goes on to show how much they believe in their players and their commitment to the game.

HenryG Explains Why Cloud9 Announces Player Salaries

Why Other Organizations Are Not Onboard

Despite Cloud9 having taken the first step both G2 Esports and Vitality kept their recent signings confidential with G2 labelling the signing of Nikola “NiKo” Kovac from FaZe Clan as “One of the biggest signings in CS:GO History!”

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HenryG gave an insight as to why other organizations don’t want to announce their player salaries or buyouts stating that it is because “They paid way too much and it’s been bad business while they’re paying their players way too little and they don’t want anyone to know that they actually got a couple of raw deals on the table for their players.”

The Brit went on to say that it was “understandable” because competitive CS:GO is tough and not every organization is on the same level when it comes to having a sizable budget.

HenryG Explains Why Cloud9 Announces Player Salaries

But at the end of the day, HenryG still believes that Cloud9 took the right decision as every player knows their value and that the only thing being rewarded is their performance and skill. He thinks it is the right way forward for both the players and the organizations as they would certainly benefit from this in the long run.

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