New CS:GO Operation by Valve Might be Closer Than Expected

New CS:GO Operation by Valve Might be Closer Than Expected

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • A few hints and suggestions point towards a new operation that might be just around the corner.
  • Users were expecting a new operation to roll out by Halloween but nothing has transpired so far.
  • CS:GO's official account has liked a Tweet by SPUNJ that suggested them to roll out a new operation.

It is almost going to be a year since CS:GO released ‘Operation Shattered Web’ on 18th November 2019 and it looks like the developers are gearing up to release another such Operation much sooner than you might have expected. In the last few weeks, we have come across bits of information which point towards the next operation and though it could sadly not make it in time for Halloween there is a chance that we might still get it before the year ends.

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Next CS:GO Operation Might Be Closer Than Expected

Code Cleanup Begins

Early in October, it was noticed that CS:GO codes were being cleaned by Valve which is a sort of routine the developers follow before they drop a major update which in most cases is a new CS:GO operation. This process mostly consists of the addition of non-English languages and the changes are made in batches of several small updates.

As reported by, a similar process was carried out by the developers from September - November 2019 which coincides with the release of ‘Operation Shattered Web’ that came out on 18th November.

In the last month or so the frequency of such small updates has increased with the most recent being released yesterday which was a mere 4.2 MB update. This seems to be keeping in line with the trend that the developers have followed in the past and is the first piece of the puzzle that hints towards an upcoming operation.

Source 2 Aspects To Be Used In New Operation?

The second piece of this puzzle is the ‘Source 2’ code strings that content creator ‘Gabe Follower’ has been finding in recent Artifact updates. There have been two instances so far in which he has found material related to CS:GO in another game developed by Valve.

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While these codes might be related to Source 2 it is believed that this material could be related to a few UI aspects for the upcoming operation rather than something related to an engine port as previously suggested. The currently used ‘Panorama UI’ is also something based on the Source 2 engine and maybe something similar is being worked upon for the tenth operation.

CS:GO Likes Suggestion About New Operation

The final piece of the puzzle should be taken with a pinch of salt. Just yesterday CS:GO analyst and caster Chad "SPUNJ" Burchill made a Tweet where he suggested CS:GO to drop an update while saying that, “I think the community would love an operation.”

This Tweet was liked by CS:GO’s official account which could be a big hint by the developers as to what might be coming next. It could either be a big update with changes being made to the gameplay aspect of CS:GO, Frostbite being added to Danger Zone which also underwent recent changes, or maybe the next operation is actually just around the corner.

The CS:GO community was expecting the next operation to come out along with Halloween but sadly nothing transpired but it definitely looks like the developers are busy cooking something up and it better be something good because though ‘Operation Shattered Web’ was not the best it did have a lot of unique content like the agent collection, end of match accolades, and two new maps.

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