Shroud Provides Clarification For His Comments About CS:GO Dying

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  • Shroud clarifies an earlier comment that he had made about CS:GO 'dying'.
  • He says that "I don’t think CS is dying, I think NA CS at a competitive level has died a little bit."
  • Shroud is not entirely wrong as 100 Thieves just pulled out of CS:GO last month.

A couple of weeks back popular Canadian streamer Michael "shroud" Grzesiek had made quite the statement when he had said something about CS:GO 'dying'. In a recent stream, the 26-year-old provided clarification about that statement after being asked “Do you think CS is dying?” by one of his viewers.

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Shroud Clarifies His Comment About CS:GO Dying

One of the most popular streamers in the world who is a former professional CS:GO player himself had spoken about Counter-Strike a few weeks back and one of his statement was taken out of context as the news went viral that Shroud thinks CS:GO was dying.

In a recent stream where Shroud was engaging with the viewers on Twitch while warming up before playing a few games of VALORANT, one of the users asked him whether he thinks CS is dying or not. This question specifically caught Shroud’s attention as he went on to breakdown the statement that he had previously made and explain what he actually wanted to say.

Shroud Provides Clarification For His Comments About CS:GO Dying

Shroud straight up says that he doesn’t think CS is dying but that “NA CS at a competitive level has died a little bit and that is just fact.” Which is indeed true as 100 Thieves left CS:GO for the second time in its history on 12th October followed by top North American teams like EG, FURIA, MIBR, and Complexity all moving to Europe mostly due to BLAST Premier: Fall 2020 Regular Season but also because EU is the region where the main competition currently lies.

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He goes on to say that “I don’t think CS is dying by no means, I think CS is very popular still, hundred percent it is. But that’s cool, throw some words in my mouth why don’t ya. Or, maybe you didn’t throw words in my mouth, maybe I misinterpreted what I said because it is very clear the NA CS is hurting. Might not be dead, but NA CS is definitely hurting, which makes me sad, we were doing so well.”

For now, the state of CS:GO in North America is actually in shambles which might recover once the global pandemic is over and LAN tournaments make a comeback. This has resulted in a lot of Counter-Strike players moving over to VALORANT which seems to be the more popular FPS title in the region for esports organizations.

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