“We aren’t getting him” CEO of G2 Esports on NiKo Transfer Situation

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“We aren’t getting him” CEO of G2 Esports on NiKo Transfer Situation


  • CEO of G2 Esports comments on NiKo's heavily speculated transfer rumors.
  • Ocelote could be joking as there was a lot of banter involving NiKo before their match yesterday.
  • Users point out that Ocelote wrote 'niko' instead of 'NiKo' in his statement.

There has been a long going discussion within the CS:GO community whether Nikola "NiKo" Kovac would be leaving FaZe Clan to join G2 Esports or not. It has been brought up numerous times by community figures and fans since the report first came out on 18th September and Carlos "ocelote" Rodriguez - CEO of G2 Esports, has finally broken his silence on the subject as he went on to state that “Stop with the niko messages we arent getting him.”

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Is G2 Esports Actually Not Signing NiKo?

We all are very much aware of the way Carlos functions most of the time on Twitter, a lot of banter and memes. This could very well be one such moment because as pointed out by most of the users Carlos spelt ‘NiKo’ as ‘niko’ which could refer to Nikolaj "niko" Kristensen who currently plays for Heroic.

He has no affiliation to the ongoing rumors and though sometimes there is a confusion caused due to the similarity between the names of the two players, it seems Carlos might have done it intentionally just to stir up a bit of a commotion.

Earlier yesterday before G2 and FaZe went up against each other in the currently ongoing DreamHack Fall Open 2020, Nemanja "nexa" Isakovic had joked that the winner of their match gets to keep NiKo and sadly G2 went on lose the series ‘2-1’.

The above Tweet had riled up a discussion again following which Carlos made that statement probably just to create more hype and roll along with the banter. Unfortunately the player who was the center of discussion was himself responsible for destroying G2 as he carried FaZe with an incredible performance across all the three maps.

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Everybody is anxious to see if G2 actually goes ahead and signs NiKo or does he continue to stick around with FaZe, an organization that he has been a part of for more than three years. Even if he does get picked up by G2 who would the Spanish organization drop from their roster? Will it actually be Francois “AmaNEk” Delaunay bidding farewell after playing with the team for more than a year!

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