Former 100 Thieves Rifler Jkaem Joins Norwegian Org Apeks

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  • Norwegian esports organization Apeks signs former 100 Thieves rifler Jkaem for three-years.
  • Jkaem says that he was looking forward to returning home for quite sometime now.
  • Jkaem's agent says that the player had offers from several "world-class clubs".

Just a day after 100 Thieves officially stepped out of CS:GO for the second time in its history Joakim "jkaem" Myrbostad has already found a new home. The rifler has been signed by Norwegian esports organization Apeks for three-years, joining them as an entry fragger to complete their CS:GO roster.

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Jkaem Joins Norwegian Organization Apeks

100 Thieves had announced a week back that they were leaving CS:GO due to a multitude of reasons following which all their players will be free agents as they help them settle with different teams and organizations. It looks like the Norwegian rifler jkaem has already found a new home as he goes on to join a team closer to home! 

The rifler will be moving to Oslo to compete with the team and he seems to be pleased about it. Jkaem states that the had plans to return home sooner or later and that Apeks approached him with an offer that he was happy with.

“The idea of contributing to help building the Norwegian esports scene became the deciding factor.”

Former 100 Thieves Rifler Jkaem Joins Norwegian Org Apeks

Apeks currently ranks 65 in the world as per HLTV rankings, they are certainly not a tier-one CS:GO team but after having signed jkaem they can surely make their way within the top fifty. The Norwegian dominated lineup does not have a lot of heavyweights in its roster except for Dennis “dennis“ Edman but this has not deterred jkaem who says that the team’s goal is to compete with the best teams in Europe.

“The last couple of seasons have been my best ever, so I am coming home to Norway with a lot of confidence and a high quality in what I deliver in-game.”

According to jkaem’s agent, a lot of teams were interested in signing him after hearing about 100 Thieves departure and that Apeks was the organization chosen by the Norwegian after hectic negotiations with several “world-class clubs”.

Jkaem is a solid rifler that has spent a good part of his professional career with the Australian lineup of Renegades which was later picked up by 100 Thieves. There has been a slight dip in jkaem’s performance but he has still held it together quite well. Not only this, in the last six months under the 100 Thieves banner jkaem has only secured an overall rating of below 1.0 in just a single CS:GO tournament, BLAST Premier Spring 2020 Americas Showdown.

Former 100 Thieves Rifler Jkaem Joins Norwegian Org Apeks

He has joined Apeks with immediate effect and will be competing with them in the currently ongoing Telialigaen - Fall 2020 after today’s match. Let’s see how the team improves along with jkaem.

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