LMBT Becomes First CS:GO Coach to be Officially Unbanned by ESIC


LMBT Becomes First CS:GO Coach to be Officially Unbanned by ESIC

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • LMBT who currently works as the assistant coach for forZe has been unbanned by ESIC.
  • He is the first CS:GO coach to be officially acquitted of all the cheating charges against him by ESIC.
  • LMBT can start working with forZe in a professional capacity once again effective immediately.

Ukrainian CS:GO coach Sergey "LMBT" Bezhanov who currently works as an assistant coach for forZe was recently handed a 7.5 months ban by ESIC upon partial completion of their investigation into the CS:GO spectator bug exploit. The 33-year-old had immediately appealed against this decision as he submitted proof of his innocence for all the four cases registered against him, after reviewing LMBT’s case once again ESIC acquitted him of all charges as he became the first CS:GO coach to be officially unbanned in the ongoing investigation.

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Ukrainian CS:GO Coach LMBT Officially Unbanned By ESIC

ESIC has dropped all charges against forZe’s CS:GO assistant coach LMBT who was successfully able to prove his innocence against all the four cases registered in his name. LMBT was able to prove that in two of the mentioned instances he was not present at this computer while in the other two cases when the bug occurred he disconnected in-time or contacted the admins to report the same.

According to forZe, ESIC conveyed the message to them via an email which stated that they were “removing all charges against Sergey in all (the) four cases of the in-game bug with the coaching camera.” The same message was conveyed to ESL which means that LMBT is now eligible to work with forZe’s CS:GO team in the currently ongoing IEM New York 2020 - CIS which is acting as a Fall Major qualifier for the region.

A statement by forZe said that though they had to wait a long time, justice had been served and that they are glad to continue working with Sergey. The assistant coach himself was ecstatic upon hearing this news as he went on to say that “It was super hard month for me and my team and obviously I lost a lot of nerves, but now my name is clean and I’m happy with that!”

Since late September LMBT had been waiting for this decision from ESIC with forZe backing him up all the way. Multiple players like Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev and Chris "chrisJ" de Jong were also supporting him and had even made appeals from their side to clear LMBT’s name as fast as possible.

He is officially the first and only CS:GO coach till now who had been banned by ESIC in the ongoing investigation against spectator bug abuse and later rescinded of all the cheating claims against him.

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