Valve Explains The Reason Behind False VAC Bans in Asia, 5E Responds

Valve Explains The Reason Behind False VAC Bans in Asia, 5E Responds

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • Valve finally acknowledges the false VAC ban problem currently affecting Asia.
  • Valve says that the reason behind this problem is because '5EPlay Client' bypasses 'Trusted Mode'.
  • 5E confirms that there is a problem with their client and they are working with Valve to fix it.

A few weeks back multiple CS:GO users in Asia including multiple pro players and streamers were handed a VAC ban out of the blue. At the time it was suspected that the problem might be related to the ‘5EPlay Client’ with a Chinese user coming forward with substantial prove as well, this suspicion has now turned into a fact as Valve themselves said that “The 5E client circumvents CS:GO's Trusted Mode, and that is causing VAC bans for their players.”

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Valve Explains The Reason Behind False VAC Ban Wave In Asia

After more than two weeks Valve has finally acknowledged the ongoing false VAC ban problem in Asia as they provided an answer as to why these bans were being handed to players including multiple pro players and streamers.

According to a Tweet made by CS:GO’s official account in response to a plea made by Singaporean player Marcus “nephh” Tan, the reason behind the false VAC ban is because of the ‘5EPlay Client’ which is circumventing the game’s ‘Trusted Mode’ and hence the players are getting handed a VAC ban.

They further stated that the only way to stop these false VAC bans is for 5E to fix the problem with their client so that the ‘Trusted Mode’ is not bypassed in any possible manner. Once this is achieved Valve from their side will “roll back bans for affected users.”

This has confirmed the initial doubt against ‘5EPlay Client’ that many players including Nigel “spielz” Aw and Kritthee “Geniuss” Sawatmuang had pointed out to.

5E Responds

Following Valve’s comment on the ongoing problem 5E themselves came forward with an explanation on the situation saying that they maintain close contact with Valve, so when they were made aware of the false VAC bans by their users in early October 5E immediately reached out to Valve.

Valve conducted an analysis and found out that there was indeed a compatibility issue which bypassed the ‘Trusted Mode’. So 5E has taken a decision to temporarily close ‘Trusted Mode’ matchmaking along with VAC protection on their servers until the problem is resolved.

Players can still continue playing CS:GO via the ‘5EPlay Client’ without any problem but it would not be in ‘Trusted Mode’. The platform will continue to function this way until Valve confirms that all problems with the ‘5EPlay Client’ have been fixed, once this is done Valve will roll back bans for all affected players.

“In the future, 5E will keep the communication and cooperation with Valve in all technical aspects, eliminating such problems from happening again.”

Valve might have been a bit late with their response but now all the players that have been affected by this false VAC ban can breathe a sigh of relief. Valve had nothing to do with these VAC bans which were a result of a problem caused due to the ‘5EPlay Client’ and all the affected accounts will be restored to their previous state once the problem is fixed.

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