Na’Vi IGL Boombl4 Might Have Contracted Coronavirus

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • Boombl4 thinks he might have contracted coronavirus.
  • Perfecto says that Boombl4 was running a fever while playing against Cyber Legacy.
  • Last month Perfecto had said that both Boombl4 and flamie were suffering from common cold.

Natus Vincere who are currently competing in IEM New York 2020 - CIS which is also acting as the Fall Major qualifier for the CIS region might be going into the tournament with a sick in-game leader. Kirill "Boombl4" Mikhailov might have contracted coronavirus though it is not known at the moment what symptoms the player is showing apart from running a fever.

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Boombl4 Might Have Contracted Coronavirus

The 21-year-old before Natus Vincere’s match against Cyber Legacy announced that he has a suspicion of having contracted coronavirus. He still went on to play the opening match which Na’Vi won by a score of ‘2-1’ but it was not easy for the Russian in-game leader who according to his teammate Ilya “Perfecto” Zalutskiy was running a fever during the entire series.

Just last month Perfecto while talking about the team’s performance at ESL Pro League Season 12 had said that both Boombl4 and flamie were not doing too well as they could be heard coughing in the background. At the time he had said that both the players were just suffering from a common cold and that everyone at the Bootcamp had tested negative for COVID-19 after undergoing a test.

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Now almost a month later Boombl4 has come forward to reveal that he might have coronavirus, if this is the case then Na’Vi might need to make some changes to their Bootcamp in order to isolate him and restrict the spread of the virus.

There is no confirmation about this news from Na’Vi and it is not known if a test has even been conducted so far. Boombl4 seems to be showing certain symptoms but nothing is concrete at this point of time, he still seems to be fine enough to lead the team who will be playing their second match today against K23.

Perfecto in a post match interview with Maincast confirmed that Boombl4 was indeed sick and that he has been playing like this in online tournaments for quite some time lately. We just hope that Boombl4 recovers soon and returns to perfect health.

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