[Watch] JW Surprises Vitality With The Negev to Take a Triple Kill


[Watch] JW Surprises Vitality With The Negev to Take a Triple Kill

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • JW surprises Vitality with the Negev during an eco round.
  • He goes on to take a triple kill with the heavy machine gun, winning the round for Fnatic.

IEM New York 2020 might not be acting as the Fall Major for the European region but it is still full of surprises with the best team in the world Heroic already getting eliminated from the tournament along with G2 Esports. But despite all the upsets, it is the Swedish lineup of Fnatic that are under the spotlight simply because JW is too entertaining to miss out on!

From his hilarious failed attempt to sneak past Mathieu "ZywOo" Herbaut to watch him go ‘brrrrrrrrr’ with the Negev on an eco round to get three kills and secure the round for his side, JW has offered nothing but entertainment so far.

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JW Destroys Vitality With The Negev

The 25-year-old Swede might not be considered the most lethal player on Fnatic but no one can disagree with the fact that he is not bold. The fact that he comes up with the most insane ideas and backs himself up to go ahead with them is amazing, automatically making him one of the most fun players to watch.

While playing against Vitality a few days back JW surprised everyone especially Vitality when he rained down on them with the Negev in what was supposedly an eco round. He was awarded a triple kill for this fearless maneuver as he won the round for his side in style.

From the clip above one can see that JW already had the Negev with him when the round started, this is because the heavy machine gun was actually purchased by Robin “flusha” Ronnquist in the previous round which was also an eco and then dropped to JW.

Having lost the round considerably quickly JW armed with the Negev avoided conflict and saved the weapon only to destroy Vitality in this round with the same weapon. Even the casters were taken by surprise as they enjoyed this move from Fnatic with Alex “Machine” Richardson going ahead and delivering the classic “Negev Go Brrrrrrrrr”.

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Though Fnatic lost the series ‘2-1’ they found victory in their next match against G2 Esports to stay afloat in the competition. The Swedes will now be playing a do-or-die match tomorrow which will decide if they qualify for the playoffs or get eliminated from the tournament.

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