XigN Joins NG Esport’s Upcoming International CS:GO Roster

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • Thai organization NG Esport signs South Korean rifler XigN as their second player.
  • XigN recently became a free agent after announcing his departure from BTRG due to a breach of contract.
  • He will be playing under the leadership of his former teammate ImpressioN.

South Korean star rifler Hyun-pyo "XigN" Lee a few days after announcing his departure from BTRG has decided to join his former teammate Anthony "ImpressioN" Lim, as he becomes the second player to be signed by Thai organization NG Esport who are creating their first international CS:GO roster.

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XigN Joins NG Esport

XigN is one of the best Asian Counter-Strike players in the region, he has competed professionally for almost 6 years now during which he has represented the best South Korean CS:GO team ever MVP PK. The 23-year-old had left the organization last year in September after his contract with the team expired, following which he had decided to join the mixed lineup of BTRG in January this year.

Similar to ImpressioN, XigN too had faced a breach in contract from BTRG’s side due to which he decided to part ways with the organization but only a few days later he was picked up by the upcoming Thai CS:GO team NG Esport who is attempting to create a strong international lineup.

NG Esport has decided to build their roster around the experienced Singaporean in-game leader ImpressioN who has played for multiple big Asian organizations like B.O.O.T-d[S] and BTRG. Under his guidance the organization is moving forward to sign players from all over Asia with their second pick being his former teammate XigN who is quite a formidable rifler.

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In the last 6 months he has held an overall rating of 1.10 with an ADR of 78.3 and an impact rating of more than 1. Though these numbers are below the player’s average performance maybe things will change for the better under this new organization with a different lineup.

XigN Joins NG Esport’s Upcoming International CS:GO Roster

Only two players have been revealed till now by NG Esport with more to be announced in the coming weeks before the end of this month. Let’s see which other Asian player is the organization willing to sign in order to become the best in Asia.

NG Esport lineup at the moment is as follows,

  • Anthony "ImpressioN" Lim [IGL]
  • Hyun-pyo "XigN" Lee

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